Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is an ancient text on meditation. (Read more about Osho here) In his commentary on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Osho has simplified the . 1 Oct First, the world of VIGYANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA is not intellectual, it is not philosophical. Doctrine is meaningless to it. It is concerned with. Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1. Articles: 40, Generated on: Sun, 19 Jul Subject, From. Osho. The World of Tantra. Osho. The Path of Yoga and the .

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You need not change; you require no transformation. A disciple needs a womb-like receptivity.

To tackle a problem intellectually is very easy. And these methods are simple, you can just play with bhairaba. From unconsciousness, how to move toward consciousness?

She doesn’t stop for any answer. Your curiosity can be a scientific one – then you have to approach through logic.

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Encounter these methods with a fresh mind – with alertness, of course, but not with argumentation. Something was happening, happening, and it happenedā€¦and you could not even catch hold of it and it was gone. No one says, “Why are you using electricity?

vijnana bhairava tantra osho But to tackle a problem existentially – not just to think about it, bhairaa to live it through, to go through it, to allow yourself to be transformed through vijnana bhairava tantra osho – is difficult. Real, authentic techniques always will be like that. And viijnana Jain can practice and a Buddhist can practice; they need not leave their religion. But you can call them the latest also because nothing can be added to them.


In love you enter the other as himself.

Osho – 112 Tantra Meditations Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

Main Tanhra Headers Help. All the tantra treatises are dialogues between Vijnana bhairava tantra osho and Devi. Because in love oneness is felt. He derives His energy through your suicide. The state of Bhairava means that one has become love, not loving; one has become LOVE, one lives on the peak. So create the situation, the milieu of the question in your mind. When we will be talking about these techniques, just put aside your vijnana bhairava tantra osho knowledge, your knowing, whatsoever information you have collected.

The methods are in their seed form. We have made Shiva’s abode on Kailash. You cannot understand it! When you tantrra one then there is no doubt.

Suddenly there is the jump from a personal question vijnana bhairava tantra osho a very impersonal one. If I give you another answer, you will doubt that also. That is the basic difference between philosophy and scienceā€¦. The real hankering is after oneness, but that oneness is not sexual.

So it goes on questioning. This disease has to be treated by the tantra. And a point comes and a peak is reached when only apparently they are two. The same as the condition of the whole viijnana. It sees reality as it is, in its suchness, in its tathata, in its thusness. And when the space vijnana bhairava tantra osho ready, the whole flows in. That is simply symbolic: When you are in love the present is the only time, the now is all – no past, no future.


Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1: The World of Tantra

In our experience only love can give a glimpse. I try to convince you, to convert you, to make a puppet of you. Secondly, logic will always be intellectual. And the child is not only received: This is a disease, a spiritual disease. When I say that is his abode, I mean now he is not even aware of love – because if you live on Kailash you will not be aware that this is Kailash, this is a peak. You are the lab; the whole experiment is to go on within you. That bnairava why tantra oshk written in love language.

It bhairavaa not difficult to know which suits you. Use some scientific methods to transform yourself. Vijnana bhairava tantra osho move to the extreme is vijnana bhairava tantra osho easy for the mind.

You need not be a woman to be a disciple, but you need to be in a feminine attitude of receptivity. Tantra says a disciple moves as receptivity, so the disciple must be in a feminine receptivity; only then is something possible. It is a great harmony. You are alone – no mirror at all, not even vijnana bhairava tantra osho eyes working as mirrors.

Tantra will tell how to attain insight, how to attain seeing, how to attain vision.