22 Aug USECHH Regulations Mohd Norhisyam bin Omar. Chemical Management Division. SCOPE. • DOSH Introduction & Legal framework. 21 Nov FMM / SOCSO Safety Program on “Understanding USECHH Regulations ” on 21 November Partially sponsored (terms & conditions. Ex osure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations (2) These Regulations shall come into o eration on 4 A ril Regulation 2. Interpretation .

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Click here to download the Guidelines. Many manufacturing companies are still not aware of USECHH Regulations requirements resulting they do not comply with the legal requirements of the law enforcement agency, i. Regulation 14 1 stipulates the duty of the employer to take actions required to eliminate 22000 reduce the rwgulations or potential exposure of an employee to chemicals hazardous to health.

These guidelines may be cited as the Manual for the Assessment of the Health Risks arising from the use of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace: This guideline only covers personal protective equipment that is related to protection against chemical exposures.

FMM/SOCSO Safety Program on “Understanding USECHH Regulations ” on 21 November

This regulations is to set a standard of exposure of chemical hazardous to health to the worker at workplace. Please enter your password.

For inquiries, please contact Mr Koo Swee Por by e-mail: These include changes to work processes, practices, procedures, plant or engineering control equipment, within one month after receiving the chemical health risk assessment report from the assessor. Mid-Term Review of the 11th Malaysian Plan with 4. Generic assessment can be carried out in work places such as a group petrol usefhh, fast food restaurant, laundry shop, rubber and palm oil plantation etc.


Website Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia – USECHH Regulation

Sound storage of chemicals can contribute to the safety and health of employees as well as protection of the environment. These guidelines propose safer ways to establish safe storage and warehousing of chemicals whether already existing or in a planning stage. Under USECHH Regulations, an employer is required to identify and register all chemical hazardous to health used at workplace and record in a register known as Register of Chemical Hazardous to Health.

Guidelines on Storage of Hazardous Chemicals: The Guidelines provides further information on how to comply with USECHH Regulations so as to control chemicals hazardous to health and to eliminate or reduce the actual or potential exposure of employees to chemicals hazardous to health.

USECHH Regulations

The main objectives of these Regulations were to control and monitor the use usecnh chemicals hazardous to health in the workplaces. The concentrations of chemicals, which have been assigned with permissible exposure limits, have to be reduced below the limits. A Chemist by profession, he was attached to the Chemistry Department before joining Malaysian Oxygen Berhad as its Safety and Audit Manager, a position he held for 15 years.

The purpose of this Manual is to provide guidance for assessors to regulatiobs an assessment of the health risks arising from the use, handling, storage or transportation of chemicals hazardous to health at the workplace as required by USECHH Regulations.

An employer shall not carry out any work which may expose or is likely to expose any employee to any chemical hazardous to health unless he 200 made a written assessment of the risks created by the chemical to the health of the employee. Regulation 14 2 stipulates the duty of employer to ensure that all control measures implemented under sub regulation 1 reduce the exposure level of employees to chemical hazardous to health to the lowest practicable level.


Objectives Upon completion of the course, participants would: Wong is now the principal consultant in Horizon Safety Sdn Bhd. The employer shall ensure that all safe work systems and practices are documented, implemented and reviewed usechhh there is significant change to the process, equipment, materials or control measures installed. Overseas Buyer Overseas Seller. Registration Fee Per Participant. Energy roadmap should not be swayed by political pressures: Generic approach of CHRA assessment is applied to the work places wherever chemicals hazardous to health are being used and their risks and control measures are the same comparably.

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Guidelines for the Preparation of a Chemical Register, Sourcing for Imports and Exports. These guidelines is intended as a guide for employers rdgulations order to comply with the requirements pertaining to the use of approved and suitable personal protective equipment as stipulated under USECHH Regulations. The USECHH Regulations mandates employers the responsibilities to identify chemicals hazardous to health used in the workplaces, ensure employees are not exposed to chemicals hazardous to health, and undertake a written assessment of risks of exposure to chemicals.

In uxechh risk assessment, the assessment report which has been made for one work place can be used in another work place provided that their activities, risks and control measures are similar. November 21, Time: Please enter your username.