7 Oct TSCM50 Procurement I, Part 2 of 2 mySAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution Date Training Center Instructors Education Website. TSCM 50 Procurement I Part 1. If you want to master SAP MM and climb the ladder in your professional career you must buy this Video sets. This Video is now. TSCM Procurement I, Part 2 of 2. mySAP ERP Procurement and Logistics Execution. Date. Training Center. Instructors. Education Website. Instructor.

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No release procedure with classification is available for requisitions in your system. A line appears for each goods receipt posting. The tscm05 of number assignment The permissible length of the material short text Whether a material may be ordered Which views user-department-specific data can be maintained Whether a material may not be procured from certain vendors. The exchange rate from the day the invoice was entered, if it is not fixed in the purchase order.

Only when info records exist of which one is selected in the purchasing organization data as the regular vendor. Incorrect items from the settlement program must always be manually verified to the end.

When you enter vendor-specific conditions, you create a separate service info record for each service and vendor comparable to the purchasing tsmc50 record for material. The certification exam for the Solution Consultant Supply Chain Management — Procurement tests knowledge and skills that are tscm50 in tscm550 following courses:.


Convert the purchase requisition directly to an RFQ to a one-time vendor. Through lectures and numerous exercises you will receive extensive practice working through many business transactions leading tscm50 increased confidence in being able to apply what tscm50 have learned, in subsequent projects.


The block occurred due to a quantity variance. You have specified that the goods receipts can be posted as net. The goods receipt is posted as non-valuated. The exchange rate of the particular day when the purchase order was created. Which MRP elements can be created for a material procured externally by a requirements planning run?

You can use item category W material group in both the contract and the scheduling agreement but you can only use item category M material unknown in the contract. When you tsccm50 a master record for a vendor, you must enter all relevant data for purchasing and accounting in one single step. Which of the following statements apply?

You can convert several requisition items from the same vendor to a purchase order. Which data must exist in the purchase requisition? This academy consists of two parts — you are tscm50 looking at part 2 which tscm50 the exam.

Amounts for items without reference to a purchase order Time has been exceeded in the blanket purchase order Variance from the moving average price Variance from the standard price. Tsm50 collective invoice document is created.

You can create a purchase order with reference to a purchase requisition. You must determine the plant as the valuation area if you want to use either of the components Production Planning or Product Cost Accounting. What can you not do with a blocked purchase order?

The following terms of payment are flagged in an invoice: A tax code must be maintained for the document item. You always have to use a one-time vendor. Quantity basis Proportional Percentage Sequential. List four different screen areas in order transaction ME21N?. If the assigned source was blocked after the assignment was made in the source list, it is not possible to convert the relevant requisition item.


You must specify a limit in a service item. Which statement about vendor-specific tolerance is applicable?

The currency must always be entered manually. If the exchange rate is not fixed in the purchase order, the conversion is carried out using the average exchange rate from the date tsvm50 the purchase order and from the current day. An accounting document can be generated. When there is no quota arrangement but several valid info records exist as source list entries without any other indicators.

Maintain enter and change prices in quotations. You go to the vendor master record and enter the terms of payment there. What can you do?


When procuring services, you can work with or without a service master record. Using a cross-plant vendor status in the vendor master record general data. In which documents can you use the account assignment category U unknown? In this case, the invoice is also posted as net automatically.

You can execute changes in this way only for purchase orders and purchase requisitions.

How to Pass SAP MM Certification: TSCM 50 Procurement I Part 1

In this case, one requisition item is generated for each PO item. A vendor waives being charged for a purchase order item, because he executed the delivery as a free of charge sample delivery. A line appears for each goods receipt.