Travels with Loreena McKennitt – book with a fascinating account of life with Loreena McKennitt by one of her closest friends – Niema Ash. Shop our inventory for Travels with Loreena McKennitt by Niema Ash with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. 19 May Niema Ash was a long time friend, traveling companion, and confidant of Celtic Superstar Loreena McKennitt and in Travels she chronicles.

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We see a side of Loreena McKennitt that makes me shudder. Wrote it as therapy for her own feelings.

Travels with Loreena McKennitt : My Life as a Friend

I have always loved her music and have a picture of her promotion of Mask and Mirror album on my wall. The main issue here is one of censorship, pure and simple.

For those of you wtih have to a negative conclusion about Ms.

In the end the book was pulled from publication, and all copies destroyed. Mceknnitt, I read of Niema Ash book on Loreena as a friend and of the unbelievable story of its censorship. The nature of that payment – whether it was a gift, loan or an investment – was later to become the centre of a bitter dispute because, some time later, McKennitt demanded that it be repaid.

Loreena McKennitt book

An appeal by the Defendants to the Court of Appeal failed, as did their application to the House of Lords for leave to appeal. McKennitt is very charming and intelligent, but she may also have a large ego and bad temper. I noticed that Susanne has pointed out that we must not let the truth about Loreena Mckennitt be buried again but what does she really owe us? That is the appropriate procedure in such cases. With the ink barely dry on the first court case lawyers mcknenitt already running to judges citing McKennitt v Ash in order to prevent embarrassing articles being published.

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My Life as a Friend in which Ash revealed details of McKennitt’s personal life, including sexual relationships and her thoughts on her fiance’s drowning. After the curtain has gone down, concert-goers start forming a queue, generally by the theatre foyer or in a street adjacent to the backdoor. I have woth say, you were right in your actions. Justice Eady speaks to this fabrication of the truth in para to of his judgment.

They both presented their side of events and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. McKennitt’s lawyers approached the case by arguing that even celebrities have a right to privacy. An affronted Ash refused to accede to the demand and, having previously armed herself with insurance, decided to fight the case.

» Book Review: Travels With Loreena McKennitt by Niema Ash – Blogger News Network

I went to on of her concerts and she took the time to write in the brochure that she did not wish to be photographed. McKennitt should instead consider the source, question their own motives, and find a mciennitt constructive way to fill their own private lives.

The final part of the book is definitely the downright ugly. There is definitely a fine line between “freedom of the press” and sheer, unadulterated nosiness and invasion of privacy. It is not known how much of McKennitt’s legal costs must be covered by Ash, but her lawyer said it was a “substantial portion. I have read them and, though I cannot tell you what they said, I cannot understand why such relatively mundane details should not have been published.

McKennitt privacy case ends with settlement Press Release This book however broke up the friendship, and landed up in court, if fact it made it all the way to the House Of Lords the brit version of the US Supreme Court. You do a disservice to your blog readers, not to mention Ms. If anything, Ash’s partner, Tim Fowkes, was even more struck by McKennitt and teavels three gradually formed a close bond.

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And much love your way…. Personally I did not find the revelations particularly shocking, but I did find tgavels court case to be of great significance.

Long hours on the road, grueling schedules, and the inevitable hassles that occur are all hurdles that this happy group of friends easily overcome. It was a choice of hers. McKennitt, there too would be no reason for such action on the part of Ms. Better yet, Loreena, do what other rich, powerful and famous public figures have long ago learned to do: My Life as a Friend.

Her combination of folk, Celtic, and world music makes me admire her a lot…. A Gentleman Abroad Francis Brennan. It was noticeable during my interview with Ash in the London house she shares with Fowkes that her admiration for McKennitt’s achievements, and her respect for her musical talent, remains undimmed. I am not interested in her personal life. A sharp-witted lady that should know better.

Most people agree that McKennitt would not have prevailed had the case been heard in the US, but the UK system works a little different.

A Cook’s Tour Anthony Bourdain. Ms Ash deserves the beating she has received and will continue to receive in her attempts to defame Wifh. Going back to my science background: The Gutsy Girl Caroline Paul. A Walk in the Woods Bill Bryson.

Roy Greenslade on a court case with serious implications for press freedom | Media | The Guardian

What if the published information had been nude photographs? Certainly a woman who has been friends with the Dalai Lama knows to turn the other cheek and forgive and let go, but she writes a book spewing vitriol and the exact tavels she claims to be.

Simpson school of creative lawyering Loreena sets about trying to ruin Niema and Tim financially.