2 May The Dark Child is Camara Laye’s autobiography, tracing the development of his cultural and personal values as a young man coming of age. Complete summary of Camara Laye’s The Dark Child. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dark Child. 25 Sep The African Child by Camara Laye. The book, originally written in French by Camara Laye under the title “l’enfant noir” in (the dark child).

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It has no youth in it whatsoever: When the French formed the colony of French Guinea inchils chose for their capital the small fishing village of Conakry.

The African Child – Wikipedia

Develop response guides sheets that ask students to respond to the voice they hear when listening to the narrator for each student’s character description. Among the most hazardous acts a blacksmith performed was circumcision, a rite Laye undergoes in the memoir.

In the school, in a new city for the first time in his experience, Laye encounters difficult language barriers and a hot, camarq climate more taxing and oppressive than that in his The dark child camara laye home Conakry sat on an island called Tombo, from which the French built a thousand-foot causeway to the mainland. Your traditional Yahoo weather page, but the dark child camara laye the darm city of Guinea. The persistent non-happening of this book might have been elevated if the author was insightful or reflective; but the closest thing he offers are perhaps a dozen scattered rhetorical questions like, “Do we still have secrets?

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I used several chapters of this book in my 4AP French classes. Guinea information page from African studies department at University of Pennsylvania. For eight chapters, he dreads and longs for the day, but when writing it, Laye strips the chapter of all detail that allow the reader to thd visualize and understand the dark child camara laye importance. It happens, there are few spare details of the night, and that is it.


The Dark Child |

The motives and actions of the British officers controlling the Ibo’s land, Captain Winterbottom and Tony Clark, are highlighted against the life we witness through the eyes of Ezeulu’s family. Of all his classmates, he is the only one so honored.

My copy is fromand made me realise a couple of things. Nicely rendered, but not likely to be memorable. Finally the link with childhood is severed altogether as he gets on a plane to France.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

A farmer, for the dark child camara laye, might sell surplus produce while not preoccupied with planting or harvesting, while a blacksmith might raise crops in his spare time. Yhe excellent site with many links to maps, climate reviews, political profiles and much more.

The French aimed to create an African elite of well educated local people; but this elite would be estranged from the home life of their own culture. First book I’ve read entirely in French, which I’m pretty proud of. Late a city boy, he is enthralled with the wild animals and open space he finds in the country. Diverse information about the dark child camara laye country of Guinea from an African studies position. View the Study Pack.

It should be noted that there were farmers and tradespeople who also engaged in sideline businesses. These battles later take on more of a sad the dark child camara laye than that of anger, as each parent relinquishes control over their son, and allow them to operate independently, as their own chiefs, even if it means separation from their native society.


Ezeulu utilizes his wives to carry out daily the dark child camara laye activities for his extended family, giving each a separate hut within his large compound of dwellings. Their affection for one another is sweet and very innocent.

That the Malinke see no contradiction between Muslim faith and more traditional practices is proved by the ease with which they combine observances from the two faiths. This is a good book, a memoir, Camara Laye tells us about his youth in Guinea.

Educational System of Guinee. Laye’s autobiographical narrative differs from Arrow of God for example, in that he renders the story from the first person point of view, and we receive only a picture of his experience growing up in Guinea, without an exploration into his immediate and extended family’s perspective on life in Kouroussa.

Unfortunately, the book ends on a bittersweet note and left me wanting more. He took a job at the Simca auto factory and with the French railroad, pursuing his studies in night classes. The Dark Child by Camara Laye.

The blacksmiths fashioned hoes, saddles, wooden plates, statues, rifles, and amulets; their trade was fraught lzye potential danger. Laye does not appear reluctant to tell his society’s secrets as Menchu does, but instead shows them to readers through vivid, painstakingly detailed scenes the dark child camara laye the complete sequence of the circumcision ritual