THE Complete Keys to Progress has 69 ratings and 11 reviews. Nebogipfel said: McCallum’s texts are always entertaining to read. There is some useful info. Need to bulk up or trim down? Want to combine lifting and running? It’s all here in the complete anthology of John McCallum’s classic series, “Keys to Progress,”. Back when Jimi Hendrix and the Doors were playing concerts, John McCallum’s “ Keys to Progress” series helped pack more muscle on more people than all.

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Meaning that his programs were either overly long or didn’t allow for enough recovery time What did a typical workout look like for three-time Mr. Not many people know about Hip Belt Squats but you can read all about them on pages … ccomplete includes details on setup, how to incorporate them and the other exercises that should be performed with them.

It’s “old school” training and while some of the concepts have since been disproven, the importance of a strong work ethic is emphasized again and again.


These are classic pre-steroid era routines, mostly full body, aimed at natural bodybuilders. It’s a “get in there and bust your butt” kind of training book.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about weight comolete. This author has a very enthusiastic style towards his subject matter: Looking to widen out?

If you’ve done “Rippetoes”, done 5X5, and now are looking to focus more on bodybuilding rather than pure strength, have a look and try them out. Chris rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Erik rated it tge liked it Sep 30, Training not going so great? McCallum’s texts are always entertaining to read.

The Complete Keys to Progress

Each and every one brought something to the table. Joshua Byrd rated it really liked it Jun 25, Seriously folks, anyone interested in intermediate and advanced full body routines for naturals, geared more to bodybuilding than strength needs to start here.

Every young kid taking the Old Man’s advice wants to be the next Reg Park. Andrew rated it liked it May 04, His stories keep you interested, keep you learning, and keep you coming back for “just one more”. It’s an entertaining read, I highly recommend it. Nina Semple rated it did not like it Sep 02, Simple meys protein may not give you the gains that he promises his “big” drink will, but it will help you gain weight and you won’t end up financing your doctor’s new Mercedes either.


The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum | Super Strength Training

I transcribed them and organized them by type. Find out his thoughts and recommendations on page Oct 07, Nebogipfel rated it liked it Shelves: Meik Romer rated it liked it Mar 09, Refresh and try again.

I’ve seen dictionaries with bigger print.

Universe contest winner Reg Park? He covered all the important topics keep reading to see what they were all about.

How long should your workouts last? Occasionally some good advice.

The names are the chapter names from the book. How do you put on good, solid strength and size quickly?