Studs Lonigan has ratings and reviews. Moses said: The basic question when reading a book of this stature is whether it’s worth the time, the e. Collected here in one volume is James T. Farrell’s renowned trilogy of the youth, early manhood, and death of Studs Lonigan: Young Lonigan, The Young. Based on James T. Farrell’s classic fictional trilogy, this watered-down adaptation tells the tale of troubled Irish American youth as he struggles to grow up amidst.

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Maybe they could have told us a thing or two about some pitfalls to oonigan. The books are rich, vivid and engrossing, though not without some major flaws.

Studs Lonigan (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Not much feeling for the styds. In he graduates from what we’d call Junior High. This is a book a reader will either love or loathe. The Studs Lonigan trilogy is an excellent view into how to build the perfect beast–a thug.

Trilogy, as well as perhaps Sons And Lovers. Jan 13, Bayneeta rated it it was amazing Shelves: There’s plenty of gash in this world.

Ben Gary as Various Roles. The life of Studs is filled with racism, sexism, alcoholism – presented witho Who was Studs Lonigan? He felt as if he were discovering them for the first time in his life, as if the sense of budding things, of leaves coming out on the branches, the gradual warming and laziness in the air, the grass bursting green through the cold, hard, wintry earth, as if all these were inside of him. You keep expecting some reversal of his ignorant, red-neck, narrow-minded point of view, but it never comes.

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The book ends on a sad but logically realistic note, as Studs’ meandering life ultimately amounts to little.

I’m a little burned out. I would guess that this novel would never have gained the notoriety that it did had it not been for its sensational treatment of sexual matters. He thought of dusk coming upon the poet on his mattress grave, another day of life robbed from his twisted body.

There were, of course, those portions that made me want to abandon it, but on the whole the book was just one hell of a good journey. I read this in high school and found it a haunting story.

Studs Lonigan () – Rotten Tomatoes

Studs feels that to be a man he lonigzn treat women violently and brutally, expressing his desires without tenderness or gentleness. Studs Lonigan is a racist, misogynist, willfully ignorant, aimlessly angry, irresponsible, untrustworthy, belligerent, self-centered, bully. Early on, they talk about their dreams of going to Ireland for a vacation once Studs can take over the business from his father, and you just KNOW that’s never going to happen.

Young Manhood Studs moves from young ruffian to seeing the light, maturing and joining his father’s painting business.

The story of Davey Cohen is one of the many side atuds in this Big Read Studs falls down drunk in the street after this party and catches pneumonia. But with patience, and an open mind it is possible to find the gold for what this book stusd.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed this book and made sure to mention how appalling the racist words in it are. In one scene, Studs and his girl, Catherine, go to a venue to watch a dance marathon.


The work of a great novel is to be timeless: His health continues to deteriorate as the Great Depression begins to hit Chicago. Ignore at your eternal peril. Though limited in their own education and scope, they have plans for their children and offer them a good home.

Studs Lonigan

Recommended to Veronica by: View All Photos 1. The miniseries preserves the novel’s tragic ending, but humanizes Studs Lonigan’s family and friends to a very considerable degree. Preview — Studs Lonigan by James T.

After a miserable day of unsuccessful job hunting, he collapses and never recovers from a case of pneumonia. They fight and gamble and drink until they fall over in the street. I have an unsubstantiated belief that it was a plot point in lonigaan of the other books I have read over the last five years. It’s not the style though, it’s more the scope and content. Studs has lost lonnigan own savings in the stock market.

May 11, Full Review…. Movie Info Based on James T.

She is stung and snubs him henceforth. Sisters and female relatives fall into stuxs second category. His dad is on the edge of ruin As a demonstration of the thinness of American literature, the inclusion of this in the Library of America is pretty much dispositive. Farrell’s classic fictional trilogy, this watered-down adaptation tells the tale of troubled Irish American youth as he struggles to grow up amidst the poverty of Chicago’s South Side.