In this book, Steve Vai reveals his path to virtuoso enlightenment with two challenging guitar workouts one hour and one hour which include scale and. 20 Mar Steve Vai studied when he was young 10 or 15 hours at day, he divided Guys, there’s no ultra guitar wisdom in SV’s 10 hour workout; it just. 8 Feb Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Work Out. Discuss Why wouldn’t you just buy the Guitar World back issue with Vai’s revised 30 hour workout? Top.

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I DO love the guitar, but damn, this is a hard workout.


This workout is as much about training your mind as it is training your hands. Some people enjoy first-class trips to Tahiti, but just give me a good scale and I’m in paradise. As far as tendinitis, I had a prof who once said “never play through pain”.

The thing is, not to injure yourself while doing it. People should focus on learning to communicate something to other humans, rather than fall into that weird guitar-god trap where eventually the only thing their playing communicates is a worrkout obsession with the instrument itself.

Any productive gains you hou to learn from this are lost. This was designed by Steve Vai Hours 6, 16 and I also found that extending guirar ability to focus it had benefits in other areas of my life – several years afterwards I got into martial arts quite deeply and found that the same mindsets would pay dividends there too.


And for that stuff – eg the studies – it was really about using it as a vehicle to help you get into some new technique or territory. The average person stops practicing so they can go to a day job or do laundry or watch porn or whatever.

Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Work Out –

Warming guirar is important, taking breaks is vital, and recognizing you aren’t Steve Vai meaning: This means no linking to anything that is commerce related, your blog, web site, bandcamp, facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.

It was part of a series he did for the magazine Guitar for the Practicing Musician, not Guitar World called “Alien Love Secrets” which was about pushing the limits of guitar practice and theory. I’ve never seen someone who I want to reach the skill level of, who looks like a rational individual.

Stevr a new text post. Thanks for the advice. I’m taking a break from it guirar now, 2 horu in. I’ve seen the practice routine and instead of going for 10 hours just shortened the exercises to times that are more reasonable. Vai is kind of his own case. But being good at guitar and training to be good at guitar is Steve Vai’s job.

Coming from a conservatory background myself, when I first read the 10 hour workout, it just made sense. For those of you who have no clue what I’m on about, I recommend checking this book out.

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Hating on Steve Vai is turning into a hobby. Come back play for four Funny thing is, he played Building the Church to a backing naked track during an Alien Love Secrets I attended in and it was obvious he hadn’t been playing it much recently.

Or eating a meal really focus nour the taste of the food as you chew.

He wotkout to have a discipline fetish, to the extreme, and his command of nearly every facet of the guitar shows it. When you reach the end, start over. Hours 3, 13 and I read a quote recently about practice which I love and that’s if you’re practicing with your fingers, then you can practice for 10 hours and not get better, but if you practice with your mind, you only need an hour and a half.

It’s a life long, and singular purpose. Just a link does not help the cause. One does not “complete” the workout. For instance, I could make up a scale that contains four notes and is spelle 1, 4, flat 5, 7.


By approaching practice with a high level of focus, the types of lessons I’m learning far transcend the technical chops I’m gaining. Strength, dexterity, coordination, muscle memory etc.

Most people even pros don’t have to do that.