There are three ways to chant Shiva Sahastranam or any Sahastranaam of ShreeMahaDevi or Lord Shiva and any other Gods. But first which Sahastranam is. Shiv Sahastra Naam Names Of Lord Shiva MP3 Song by Chand Kumar from the Sanskrit movie Shiv Sahastranaam. Download Shiv Sahastra Naam-

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Nartakaay, One who makes other to dance Aninditaay, The Lord is faultless For Him there is no difference between a beautiful garden and a cemetery. Shriyaavaasinae, The Lord has prosperity shiv sahastra naam His companion Shuklaay, One who is white, glowing in form Savitrae, The Lord is power of the Sun Different types of adhyaya explain shaivism shiv sahastra naam details.

Mahaatmanae, One who is the greatest self Brahmachaarinae, One who sahastrx devoted to Brahmans Nothing exists without His presence. Second part start from characteristics of devotee.

Kapilaay, Most righteous, the Lord is Kapila Muni Shiv sahastra naam, The Lord washes away everything like the current sweeps everything from its banks Samaamnaay, The Lord is the Vedas Mahaatapasaey, One who has performed the greatest penance to create the Universe Sarvatoadhyaparigrahaay, The Lord has shiv sahastra naam creatures has His relatives Chandaninae, One whose body is covered with sandalwood paste Sarvalokaprajaapatayae, Who if the Shiv sahastra naam or Lord of all the shiv sahastra naam or lokas and of all creatures Amrutagovrushaeshvaraay, The Lord is the giver of immortality as the fruit of the acts of righteousness to those who are desireless Nityanartaay, One who is always engaged in dancing Sarvakaamavaraay, The Lord is the highest goal which all creation seeks, The Lord is the most desired Apsaroeganasaevitaay, The Lord is adored with devotion by the various groups of heavenly beauties Rshaksahastramitaekshanaay, The Lord has the thousand Riks for His innumerable eyes Durvaasasae, One who does not care about His appearance, clothing, ill dressed or naked Mahaabalay, The Lord has the greatest strength; the strongest of the strong Naikaatmanae, One who has multiplied himself to various forms and bodies Haryakshaay, The Lord is the form of the green eyed king of beasts lion Post a Comment Please share your ideas and thoughts about article in comment.


Samyogavardhanaay, The Lord multiplies, increases creation through the process of union Prakaashaay, He is the light of knowledge, rituals Saenaakalpaay, The Lord is the form of courage and strength of an army Labheshs iPhone 6s Active Save.

Arthakaraay, One who fulfils the desire of His devotees, Lord of all tresues Sarvapoojitaay, One who is worshipped and adored by all Vimarshashiroehaarinae, One who had torn the head of Shiv sahastra naam after great consideration Muditaay, One who is happiness, cheerfulness Shankaraay, The Lord does good to even those who have moved away from Him Reference to the Rishis of the Daruka forest Brahmanae, The Lord is the Supreme Brahman Strootaay, he is omnipresent Nimittasthaay, The Lord dwells even in the Daityas in the form of marks shot from His bow Pinaaka Bhootabhavaay, He is the source of all creatures Urdhvashaayinae, The Lord always sleeps on His back, Shaayinae means to sleep facing up Yashasae, The Lord is shiv sahastra naam giver of fame Aayudhinae, One who bears weapons, trident Vinataay, The Lord is humble, modest Achintyaay, You are beyond the understanding of the mind and the senses As per Shiv Shiv sahastra naam when Vishnu was unable to defeat the demons after many attempts he prayed to Shiv who granted him the Sudarshan Chakra for fighting the demons.


Listen to Taang Shiv sahastra naam – Housefull 3 1 day ago. Bahupradaay, The Lord is the giver of infinite gifts, blessings As the Shiva Puran discuss stories and events of Shiva, Ling Puran discuss some unknown and rare stories.

Vashyaay, One who is capable of being conquered only by His devotees