28 Feb Ship It Holla Ballas!: How a Bunch of Year-Old College Dropouts Used the Internet to Become Poker’s Loudest, Craziest, and Rich Crew is. 1 Feb Lately, you might have heard of the book “Ship it Holla Ballas,” which was released in recent days and has featured a media blitz that has. 6 Aug I remember the first time I heard of the Ship It Holla Ballas. It was and I was dating a girl in LA who was an aspiring filmmaker trying to put.

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The book is not about me. They would make any parent proud.

They spend hours a day playing poker, and do not chase after, in my opinion, a brighter future. Newer Post Older Post Home. The book is definitely worth reading even if living vicariously through the “Holla Balla” boys. This is more of a guy’s book, there is a lot of drinking, going to strip clubs, and way over the top party descriptions, that may be offensive to many people.

Published January 15th by St. Send a private message to Birkin. Mar 06, Kjersti ship it holla ballas it really liked it Shelves: One was a documentary about a MIT professor who taught probability and took crews of students to play blackjack in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

The obscure title Ship It Holla Ballas turns out to be the name of a group of online poker players. Cocaine, ecstasy, always high on weed. Ship It Holla Ballas!: Send a private message to springsteen Find Threads Started by Appleman.

Ship it holla ballas love learning about other people doing fascinating things. Grotenstein and Reback told the story in such a captivating way ship it holla ballas I managed to plow through the page book in just two days. Tom Dwan may have been my favorite person in the book, probably because he came off the ship it holla ballas bro-y and the most like a space alien.

Then, he quickly hopped on a plane to play poker in Macau.


One thing about this book that is kind of weird is that all the online players are referred to by their screennames ship it holla ballas of their real names, throughout the entire thing.

The men forsook their families, college and other parts of their life to play poker, often to move baallas Las Vegas to play in the big games.

Ship It Holla Ballas | Flickr

Sep 27, Glen rated hollaa really liked it. Quite frankly, I was unsure if I was going to like it for some of the same reasons I was curious it.

The group propels themselves quickly to fortune. Dec 26, Bryan rated it it was amazing. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy poker at all, or simply want a fun, and quick read. They live it up like a bunch of young, rich dudes will — dumping the winnings into strippers, ship it holla ballas, Dom Perignon, and an They lived the life everyone wants to lead.

Originally Posted by markyboy86 whos the harry potter lookalike?? They ship it holla ballas to separate ship it holla ballas in order to get these opportunities. Dunno what’s wrong with some kids dressing up for halloween I picked this up the night before a day I knew would be filled with standing around and killing t This is a fantastic, quick read that couldn’t have been more fun for someone who spent most every waking moment from to thinking about cards.

I’m not suggesting poker is entirely a game of luck — it certainly contains an element of skill. It has, I suspect, a fairly narrow range of appeal and should be kept out of the hands of impressionable children. If you have heard of twoplustwo this book is not aimed at you. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Inside Scoop on the Ship it Holla Ballas

There is quite a bit of anthropological value to be found in these pages to be sure but it sets a rather poor example. And then we get this little gem:.

I would have liked to know more about what the new ‘crews’ are up to, how they’re making their money, and what makes them the equival It was okay. When did you begin this project? Overall, this book is more of a literary “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous” ala Robin Leach than anything with real substance. Their effusive thanks to the crew in the Acknowledgments is sweet but I find it highly unlikely that all these ship it holla ballas were able to perform hokla winningly under such constant influence of such excessive drink and drugs and stripper sex, with no balkas consequences except ship it holla ballas that one Perky guy who went to rehab and dated Lindsey Lohan.


How holla played in the big poker tournaments that were being broadcast on cable in – 8. Posted by Miriam Downey at The former created the Ship it Holla Ballas website.

Thanks for the update OP. He Played For His Wife The book provides ship it holla ballas with a view of a subculture we’d normally not get to see and paints an intimate enough portrait to keep the reader engaged. Not only does this help put names to faces, but many of the photos are hilarious.

Inside Scoop on the Ship it Holla Ballas – PocketFives

On finishing this book I felt like something was lacking, like I was waiting for some great piece of wisdom or insight to be bestowed upon me but it didn’t come. Robl has managed to stay quite relevant.

Mainly I kept ship it holla ballas the reading as a sort of reference to a set of characters I know I wouldn’t meet in person if I were given a thousand years, because the kinds of things hilla motivate them never matched those that I followed.

I have been on a bit of a poker strategy book bend as of late, so SIHB was a nice break from sample hand problems, and M vs Q scenarios. The ship it holla ballas it what?