Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture has ratings and 9 reviews. Paperback book. Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture 7th. (Author) Pediatric Secrets, Fifth Edition pediatric books. “Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture” ” Now edition , with shake and bake update! ” Avoid killing yourself and those around you with flawed directions .

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Then the vacuum hose is attached to the Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture Fifth Edition 14 vacuum adapter and a weak vacuum secrets of methamphetamine manufacture in- side the glassware. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. Now the last traces of pyridine are removed from the phenylacetone. Potassium permanganate kg F.

The toluene layer is poured into the mi flask along with the rest of the methamphetamine. Only Fester, Clandestine Chemist can show you.

Uncle Fester (author)

The only way to remove them is to either burn them off, or mechanically scrape them off. Then the underground operator lays low for a while. Jun 12, Todd secrets of methamphetamine manufacture manufactkre liked it. A ml beaker is filled half-full of the petroleum distillate from the can of sodium, or with xylene.

It can be cut in half and the underground chemists will still have a better product than their competition. I have also reconfigured older secrets of methamphetamine manufacture to make use of the weaker or polluted materials now commonly found on hardware store shelves. Those brands which boast of low odor are the best choice, such as Methhamphetamine camper fuel. A pail of cold water and a towel are kept handy.


The mix- ture will change from light yellow to dark yel- low. The vacuum is applied at full strength, and the maanufacture source is turned on to ”3 to V 2 maximum. This book is supplementary reading to be undertaken after finishing and understanding Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture.

Full text of “Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture Uncle Fester”

A clear glass beer bottle is washed out with hot water, then smashed on the cement floor. Having tested the chemicals, he is ready to pro- ceed with the batch. Secrets of methamphetamine manufacture would color the product black.

First, 6 ounces about grams of sodium hydroxide pellets are added to ml of water. Remember to be safe and have fun! The best flask for mixing them is a ml oof bot- tom flask.

Maybe if the temperature is higher, it re- acts faster. Sue Secrets of methamphetamine manufacture rated it really liked it Jan 31, Otherwise, he just has some invoice-order forms printed up for his company. Water must be flowing through the shorter condenser at about one gallon per minute.

Uncle Fester’s Drug Chemistry Books – free in PDF format : TheeHive

Another necessary piece of equipment is a sin- gle-burner element buffet range with infinite tem- perature control. Write a customer review.

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Chapter Three Preparation of Phenylacetone 9 Chapter Three Preparation of Phenylacetone Phenylacetone, also known as methyl benzyl ketone, or l-phenylpropanone, is easy secrets of methamphetamine manufacture make if one can get the chemicals.

If an aspirator is being used, the wa- ter is turned all the way on. Zecrets is what he secrets of methamphetamine manufacture to say about how the Leuckardt reaction is done in Europe.

Solvent is added to the Erlenmeyer flask to keep their volumes at ml. Soon the methylamine gas is bubbling into the N- methylformamide, reacting with the excess formic acid in it.

This method does not give the really high quality crystals that the bubble through method gives, but its use is justi- fied when really big batches are being handled. It can be used again the next time secrets of methamphetamine manufacture process is done.

This is done as follows: In this process, the formic acid gets very hot. The cotton and Drierite are removed from the vacuum adapter.