By the Authority Vested By Part 5 of the United States Code § (a) and. Part 1 of the Code of Regulations § 51 the attached document has been duly. 1 Aug J defines common rules for how vehicle dimensions are to be . z being the seat height or H (according to SAE J) is shown here. Download scientific diagram | Top layout of vehicle based on SAE J standard. from publication: Integrated Framework for Vehicle Interior Design Using.

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For vehicles with SgRP to heel H30 greater than 18 in, the accelerator pedal may be depressed as specified by the manufacturer. The maximum dimension measured hori- zontally from front of dash to rear of engine cover, excluding the flanges at floor. L10 — Effective cushion deptli — front. The dimension measured vertically from the top of the undepressed floor covering to the headlining at the rear wheel “X” coordinate on the zero “Y M plane. The minimum hori- zontal dimension measured at floor level from the rear of the front seat- back to the normal limiting interference of the n1100 door on the vehicle zero “Y” plane.

L34 — Maximum effective leg room — accelerator. The dimension measured vertically from the top of the undepressed floor covering on the lowered tailgate to ground on the zero “V” plane.

LI 2 — Effective cushion depth — second. The dimension measured horizon- tally from the back of front seat to the front of the second seatback at a height tangent to the top of the second seat cushion. All head restraints shall be in the stowed position and considered part of the seat.

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The dimension ase horizontally j100 the front edge of the cushion to an “X” plane sa to the undepressed seatback at a height tangent to the top of the seat cushion. Measured in the same manner as W5. HI 32 — Bottom of door open — front to ground. The minimum dimension measured laterally between the trimmed wheelhousings at floor level. The vertical distance mea- sured between the top of the 95th percentile driver head position contour and the interior surface.

The dimension measured from the intersection of the headlining and the extended effective head room line normal to the sheet metal. HI 4 — Eyellipse to bottom of inside rear- view mirror. V W— Engine cover width— right. The dimension measured vertically from the accelerator heel point to the underbody sheet metal.

The dimension mea- sured vertically from the driver D-point to the center occupant D-point. HI 97— Front seatback to load floor height. If the designated seating position can be adjusted, the path of the design H-point through the full seat adjustment establishes the design H-point travel line, and can be dimensionally de- scribed by coordinates relative to the three-dimensional reference system.

The dimension measured between the tire center- lines at the ground. L — Pickup body length at top of body. The dash panel is usually the vertical extension of the toe panel. If there is no second step, the dimension will be to the top of the sill plate bead at the center of the lower door opening.

The dimension measured longitudinally from the cowl point to the foremost point on the vehicle at the zero “Y” plane, excluding ornamentation or bumpers. The horizontal dimension from the SgRP to the point of tangency of the horizontal line of vision de- scribed in dimension H64 to body upper structure.

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H — Front bumper to ground — curb weight. L— Cargo length — open — front.

Cargo Dimensions See Figs. L30 — Front of dash “X” coordinate. H — Wheelhouse height.

Pieces from subsequent standard luggage sets may be used when the previous set is placed in the luggage compartment. W25 — SgRP — second, “Y” coordinate.

SAE J1100: Motor Vehicle Dimensions

Measured at zero “Y” plane. HI 54— Fuel tank to ground. HI 63— Height “Z” coordinate to ground. H62 — D-point to heel point — third. H — Engine cover height.

Full text of “SAE J Motor Vehicle Dimensions”

L — Rear wheel centerline “X” coordinate or in the case of dual rear axles, j100 coordinate shall be the midpoint of the distance between the rear axle centerlines. H — Ramp breakover angle. HI 56 — Minimum running ground clearance.

HI 12 — Rocker panel— front to ground. LI 03 — Vehicle length. L — Cab length. H38— Headlining to roof ase — second. H91 — Rearmost design H-point — front, “Z” coordinate. L97— Foot angle — third. The minimum vertical dimension measured from the lowest edge of the steering wheel, in the straight ahead position, to the accelerator heel point.

The steering column center is the point located by the intersection of the steering column axis with the plane tangent to the upper surface of the steering wheel rim, W9 — Steering wheel maximum outside diameter. Standard parts of the vehicle normally stored in the luggage compartment, such as a convertible top, shall be in the stored position when the usable luggage capacity is determined.