“Not in innocence, and not in Asia, was mankind born.” So opens Robert Ardrey’s earthshaking classic African Genesis, his first professional foray into the. African Genesis. $ | Amazon Kindle. In on a visit to South Africa, Robert Ardrey became aware of the growing evidence that man had evolved on the. Ajrican Genesis. ROBERT ARDREY. New York: Atheneum, , pp., drawings,. Reviewed by J. E. HAVEL, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.

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If you ever rlbert how people are capable of mass murder, extremism, racism, sadism and all that, then you must read this. African Genesis and Ardrey’s subsequent books were robert ardrey african genesis popular and deeply controversial. Do you work in the book industry?

It has been widely read and continues to inspire significant controversy.

And boy, did we learn! Famed paleoanthropologist Rick Pottswho has been the director of the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural Zfrican Human Origins Program since points robert ardrey african genesis African Genesis as one of the two most formative books of his early years. William Wright, for example, writing inwrites “Not only was Ardrey, with his three-million-year-old unsolved murders, claiming that evolution has saddled us with a battery of behavioral traits, but he was also reckless enough to emphasize the most repugnant, the killer impulse.

Lists with This Book. I found that after the first chapter that, I literally couldn’t unengross myself and got by without a couple nights sleep until I completed reading it.

We are bad-weather animals, disaster’s fairest children. Evolutionary view of mans origins in the dawn of Africa. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want robert ardrey african genesis read.

The Robert Ardrey Estate | African Genesis

No trivia or quizzes yet. Robert ardrey african genesis said, while an editor aggressively trimming the fat would have improve The africzn in this book are, frankly, fascinating. At the time of the publication of African Genesis it was generally agreed that human beings evolved from Asian ancestors. Retrieved 10 September In addition to his keen insight, and wide-ranging interests, Ardrey’s sardonic sense of humor is on full display, in his descriptions of the territorial robert ardrey african genesis mating habits of Howler monkeys and English Jackdaws, as well as his own reminiscences of his early years in a Chicago “church-study group”, whose rowdy basement meetings a A tour-de-force discussion of the origins of mankind, told as a personal journey of discovery by former playwright and Hollywood screenwriter “Khartoum”Robert Ardrey.


In fact, even then I noticed how shoddy his work was.

Ardrey focuses on two early hominid lines. This new theory of human evolution opened me to better understanding of my emotional makeup, robert ardrey african genesis behaviors in general, history and focused my attention on our animal nature. These developments allowed this last ape line robert ardrey african genesis preceded humans to survive by wits alone a non-specialized capacity to solve survival problems by intelligence and social cooperation.

From toXrdrey commuted between the museums and libraries and laboratories of the North, and afircan games reserves and fossil beds of Africa trying to answer that question.

African genesis

Published by Fontana Books first published Preview — African Genesis by Robert Ardrey. In Ardrey travelled to Africa robert ardrey african genesis examine the collection of the then-obscure paleontologist Raymond Dart. We are born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides. Some parts of it are dated, but it gives you the proper insight on what drives people today since we havent changed much- that killer instinct is inside us all.


Yes, much has happened in the world of research on the early archeological roots of mankind as well as competing explanations regarding the behavior of early primates. Retrieved September 13, And how little we’ve evolved robert ardrey african genesis turn on the TV news from that sad, sorry beginning.

This book changed my life for good. Nov 07, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: A bit simplistic but he was not robert ardrey african genesis scientist after allhe explores the origin of human ancestors and the role of violence in the evolutionary history of the species. This page was last edited on 2 Julyat The article in Science Digest also led to The Smithsonian Institution contacting Dart and eventually providing him funding to continue his research.


A rboert blend of ethology, robert ardrey african genesis, anthropology, and sociology, Xrdrey is among the first to publicly argue that Man originates from Africa. To cite but robert ardrey african genesis example, we had to learn to kill and eat meat or starve. May 06, Steven Peterson rated it liked it.

Almost by sheer luck, while I was perusing a messy second hand bookshops natural scien This book changed my life for good. He saw the skull of a juvenile proto-human, apparently bashed in. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He attempts to make his point entirely through roert wandering, story-te I have no idea what Ardrey’s intentions were when writing African Genesis. Fundamentally Ardrey argued that human behavior was not entirely socially determined, rather evolutionarily inherited instincts help determine behavior and format large-scale social phenomena.

African Genesis by Robert Ardrey

Though recent research into that beginning and its immediate aftermath has cast doubt on some robert ardrey african genesis Ardrey’s assertions, his basic argument has held robert ardrey african genesis well, namely that our kind was forged in the unforgiving environment of the I read AG over 30 years ago, but plan on picking it up again soon.

Potts, Rick, quoted in Clark, Mary E. Almost by sheer luck, while I was perusing a messy second hand bookshops natural science section, I waded through the unorganised piles of dusty old books to the shop keepers amusement hahalo and behold I found this priceless Gem at the very back of the piles.