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Bad Data error during decryption. NET version of our popular image-management component, AspJpeg. Includes several other performance improvements and minor bug fixes. The content extraction functionality of the PdfPage.

Server Component Leaders

For more information on these new features, see sections 8. The premium features require a registration key. The new version fixes this deficiency. In addition to that, many major improvements have been incorporated in this release, including the fixes for a bug responsible for the error HTML rendering error: A special low upgrade price is available for current XUpload users.

Library not registered error. Our eprsits to quality has won us a worldwide reputation as the leader in the server component market.

It also implements a background removal effect, known as “chroma key”, via the method DrawImageChromaKey. Previous versions only allowed tables to use the RGB color space. Windows security management component which provides an object-oriented interface to user accounts, groups, group memberships, and file permissions. Don’t miss the Live Demo section demonstrating many of the product’s key features. The user name could not be found when calling ChangePassword.


Also, the PrintTextEx method is enhanced to return the height of text paragraphs it renders. NET fixing several bugs has also been released. It no longer concerns itself with obsolete features such as bit encryption and comes with tons of new codes samples both in VB Script and C.

The new version is now in beta.

peraits Asp Encrypt Data encryption, hashing and certificate management component. This feature is implemented via the PdfPreview object’s new TextItems collection.

Windows upload size limit – error a A complete list of new features can be found here. Also, the HTML-to-PDF conversion module has been enhanced to add support for borders with rounded corners defined by CSS properties border-radius, border-top-left-radius, border-top-right-radius, border-bottom-left-radius and border-bottom-right-radius. Previous versions only supported the RC4 cipher.

Free email component with secure mail support. We are standing by for your perssits and problem reports. For more information, and to download AspEncrypt 2. Problems with unexpected header text in message body. Perzits error message was ” could not be found. Thumbnails of PNG images contain unexpected background patterns. Character out of range error when using a standard font. The new feature-rich AspJpeg has been given its own dedicated web site which contains a complete user manual with numerous code samples, an object reference, and a live demo section.


It contains other vulnerabilities as well.

Persits Software, Inc. – Powerful ASP & Components

For more information, and to download the latest releases, visit www. Progress bar window will not update. Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment error.

When a document is digitally signed, annotated, and then signed again, the warning “Annotation modified” appears in Adobe Reader.

The upgrades are available free of charge to the registered users. NET’s user manual section 9. Determining whether a file was selected for uploading. The latest version of AspEmail. An enhancement persist the digital signing process.