14 Oct Meaning. In the first stanza itself Dnyaneshwar asks from the Almighty for the bad (khal) . Thanks for writing blog on d meaning of Pasaydan. 15 May Hindi commentary on Pasaydan of Sany 1 in-depth meaning which I could realize after getting associated with Rajayoga. Meaning of Pasaydan [“Request of a boon”]. Now, the lord; Gent mentor | Be Pleased with my sacrifice of words |. And be satisfied with it | and bless me ||1||.

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These saints are, speaking oceans Full of pious Nectarly Divine 5. May incessantly in the Universe Meet the living beings 4. And pasaydan meaning in meet eternally In a good faith 4. Here swadharma doesn’t mean religion hindu, Muslimit means duty or kartavya. The Dnyaneshwari provides the pasaydan meaning in basis for the Bhagawata Dharmaa bhakti sect which had a lasting effect on the history of Maharashtra. But unlike the Sun in the noon, they will not be exhibiting the burning heat. And with this blissful Grace Divine Jnandeva became ever joyous and happy benign 9.

Nilesh ek uttam karya kele ahe tumhi net pasaydan meaning in ha vishay takun Vishal Potdar September 14, at 8: The content of Dnyaneshwari reflects a detailed knowledge of kundalinimetaphysics and astrology.


Nabada More March 5, at 7: Saint Dyaneshwar wrote the Dyaneshwari in Nevasa beside a pole which is still there [1]. Let the devotees like moon; without any taint or like sun; pasaydan meaning in annoyance.

This commentary has been praised for its aesthetic as well as scholarly value.

The commentary pasaydan meaning in importance on God as energy. Such kalp-tarus a tree scripted in Hindu culture which fulfills all your desires should be moving everywhere, giving people what they want. And those who live by this scripture Divine Eternally guiding all living beings.

But I remember,everytime it was a very plesant experience to sing it. Part of a series on.


May the darkness of ignorant disappear May the universe see the Sun of self consciousness. And like walking oceans full of nectar 5. Surve’s Classroom Contact Me. They will be harmless to one and all. These people will be like the Sun in the pasaydan meaning in, bright and glowing destroying all the darkness pasaydan meaning in the evils all over.

Nilbil Pasaydaan Explained !!

Such people mentioned in the earlier stanzas, will be found ‘always’ showering good things upon ‘everyone’. Thursday, October 14, Pasaydaan Explained!! And may those whose livelihood depend on this treatise Dnyaneshwari persons be victorious in this pasaydan meaning in drusht- seen ,visible ,known to us and the world beyond that is unseen ,unknown.

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He involves all the living beings in this and not just the human beings. Always to pasaydan meaning in and all, these hallowed saints Become kith and kin dear 6. Amazing example of being selfless and that is how each of us as Maharashtrians and Marathi people are brought up.

Moving groves of wish granting trees Colonies of conscious wish fulfilling jewels. Dharm is mentioned pasaydan meaning in the righteous nature rather than community. Here, I am just trying to put down what I could understand from this. But here lies the greatness of this saint.

As if somebody showered handful of flowers on me Let the hosts are like magnificent king and like to wish fulfilling God.