The Meade ETXEC, ETXEC, and the ETXEC are extremely array of features and manual controls facilitates operation of an ETX telescope. The Meade Premier Edition ETXPE and the ETXPE are extremely versatile, Lock: Controls the manual vertical movement of the telescope. Turning the. Meade ETX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Meade ETX Instruction Manual.

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. The letters are white meade etx 90 manual a black background, which helps a lot. Whether the problems are a result of Autostar software bugs or just operator luck remains to be seen.

But the ETX slewed about degrees past Betelgeuse. Manuaal the vertical lock c o u n t e r c l o ckwise unlocks the telescope meadd it to be freely rotated by hand about the vertical axis. Each carry bag includes a shoulder strap and permits ready transport of the complete telescope, including accessories.

Following the initial daytime setup, the rest of the alignment has to be done at night and every night you want to observe, assuming you want to use the GO-TO computer to locate objects for you or meade etx 90 manual just meade etx 90 manual track objects in RA.

Leon Palmer from Rigel Systems reminded me that the Pole area is one of the worst places to select an alignment star because of the convergence of the RA lines at the higher declinations.

After unpacking, you insert 8 AA batteries not included in the drive base. Not bad for such a short distance two-star alignment.


Meade ETX Manuals

First night with the Autostar: The OTA then proceeded to rotate downward on its own. Since my frustration level was increasing I decided to try the Easy Align first.

While waiting for the weather to clear, one day I noticed that the OTA was pointed downward and touching the base.

I slew to center Sirius. Plus in mwnual horizontal position, the ETX would not slew back “uphill” to a vertical position. OK, move telescope so that Amnual can use Mizar and meade etx 90 manual over once again. Then the Autostar selected Capella, but Meade etx 90 manual decide to scroll “up” to manually select another star.

I reached a recording that stated that normal business hours were 8: Oops, the Autostar thinks that M42 is below the horizon.

At the other three speeds there was no motor shutdown nor was there any shutdown in the DEC slewing motor at any speed. Meade etx 90 manual did have some initial difficulty getting the ETX OTA back in the proper position on the tube adapters but with a little fiddling the alignment was made.

And as I’ve noted here, some nights you may get majual results and other nights you will get pretty good successes.

Weasner’s Meade ETXEC Comments

The meade etx 90 manual said I would be contacted within 24 hours so I left a voicemail message describing the problem and asking for troubleshooting details.

In fact, the smallest lunar features that may be seen with the largest telescope on Earth are about meaed mile across. Slide the eyepiece end of the viewfinder through the front of the viewfinder bracket 1, Fig. So now I’m convinced that the Polar Align Mode has some problems, or at least meade etx 90 manual not as easy as finding objects manually using sky charts!

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ETX-90 Maksutov-Cassegrain Portable Observatory Manual (Size: 3.7 MB)

It then selects Alioth, which is behind an obstruction. You can, however, set a default startup mode by removing one or two screws from the Electronic Controller backplate.

What follows is a step-by-step description of the disassembly and Right Tube Adapter replacement. Mexde I picked Betelgeuse, figuring that would be simple for the Autostar to locate. Eyepiece holder thumbscrew 4.

Meade ETX-90EC Instruction Manual

By now, clouds were coming in so further attempts were limited to just trying Sirius and M42, which always ended up meade etx 90 manual halfway to the edge of the finderscope field-of-view. Remove the gear from the old adapter and place it on the new adapter. The Autostar didn’t get it in the finderscope’s field-of-view so I found and centered it manually using the Autostar slewing controls.

The DEC lock was snug and had never been “overtightened”. I chose to add the washer. But meade etx 90 manual begin at the beginning. See my updated report for additional comments. At the two slowest speeds, both the RA and DEC motors sounded “hesitant” in that there was no constant volume or frequency to the motor sound.

Now came the test; see if the Autostar can locate Venus, which was still above the horizon although it was further above the meadw 30 minutes ago when I started the first alignment.