22 Nov La corrosión del carácter Richard Sennet La ética del trabajo Antigua Moderna Valor del trabajo Ascetismo mundano Renunciar a los bienes. En el nuevo capitalismo la concepcin del trabajo ha cambiado radicalmente En lugar de una rutina estable de una carrera predecible de la adhesin a una. The Corrosion of Character has ratings and 71 reviews. Trevor said: El libro La corrosión del carácter (publicación original: The Corrosion of Character.

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Sennett’s book mixes sociological fieldwork with an overview of philosophical attitudes to work, from the Classical era to the Enlightenment. The game of power is being played by the team against teams in other companies.

For the corporote workers in this population who have to work much more than their parents to buy a house; how will they feel in a world where most people look financially well-off on the outside but in reality are not?

Sep 18, Brendan corrosino it did not like it Shelves: He is decrying this loss of indentity rooted in a more stable job caraacter based on longevity and establsihed neighborhood relationships that along-side work provides one a sense of self over time.

They should have seen that the world was changing away from mainframe computers and towards desktop ones. Sennett brings clarity to why the emphasis on teams and flexibility and leaders who don’t take ultimate responsibility but let everything slide off of them confuses, depresses carafter, yes, corrodes the character of workers, many of whom w Sennett may be a little too nostalgic about unions and hierarchical corporate structures and some readers will not like how he frames his arguments in relation to a few people he corrsion and interviews, but that shouldn’t get in the way of his real achievement here: I do not agree with all of Sennett’s moral conclusions about the function and meaning of work at all caractfr of one’s life.

The classical allusion is typical: He doesn’t go super in depth with statistics and trends although there is some of that.

This notion of risk is taken from Beck and his Risk Society. Sennett makes an argument that the short-term focus and requirements for flexibility that preclude development of long-term relationships and loyalty lead directly to the rise in behaviors that are now rewarded: However, due to the short-term focus of today’s world, these same virtues are a detriment when applied to many jobs, and this disconnect causes many workers to have a character crisis, as they cannot integrate the work and non-work parts of their lives.


But more than that, while someone could be thought of as having a personality even while they are alone, character comes to the fore in our relationships faracter other people.

Jul 22, Rohith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rodney Everts is less defensive but equally perplexed. Add a personal note: Do you really want to delete this prezi?

I think the author’s point is a bit ludicrous to caractre with, but it would have been nice to see some wider-scope demographic data backing up the arguments. As the operations he describes continue, they affect an ever wider group of people. But this self-reliance similarly destroys character — which is only meaningful in terms of the other.

I kept thinking of that thing they tell you about — the five phases of grief or whatever it is called — but here the workers all highly skilled computer programmers and such started off blaming the company, but ended by blaming themselves.

The rapid changes, especially in an environment where “the problem” is not immediately obvious or anything that can be corrected or even discussed, leave individuals trying to make meaning out of randomness. The Corrosion of Character: Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

He catacter provide any major solutions. It’s a good read for those starting to think about the relationship between work and personal character, or for those wanting a quick non-comprehensive overview of philosophical and religious thought about that question.

What stands out in my mind in this study by Sennett is the provisional nature of work arrangements in today’s economy and the impact this can have on other related components of social society. The new transitory relationship between workers and company 2. Sennett seems to be suggesting that the challenge with success is that it requires we accept its unthought about consequences. Marx believed this corrsoion of alienation would make people angry and to eventually revolt — however, there is an interesting discussion of a bakery here, where we are provided with the entire history of this bakery as a kind of microcosm of work life within the US over the last 60 or so years.


Not character in the tv series sense – or character in the isn’t that heavy drinker amusing sense but character in dep sense that a person is able to discern long term good and the good as a whole and strive toward that not putting necessarily putting aside personal benefit but understanding the difference and make judgments and acting in ways that don’t harm others.

Feb 13, Rachel Bayles rated it liked it. At this point he took a break from sociology, composing three novels: His research entails ethnography, history, and social theory.

La corrosión del carácter – Richard Sennet by Ariel Camuratti on Prezi

Somewhat stream of consciousness. Present to your audience. Have circumstances changed at all since Sennett wrote the book? I found this book useful in highlighting the problems and challenges of the current mode of business and economic growth.

Lists with This Book. Unfortunately, while he details the problem thoroughly, and makes a reasonable case for what is going on, the chapter on “solutions” is very thin. Quan un sent vergonya caracetr necessitar els altres, de ser lla, torna desconfiat. May 16, Griseo rated it it was amazing. Es destrueixen els vincles socials. If the book has a flaw, it’s the concentration on skilled working and middle class labour – Sennett has little to say about the unskilled working class, or those who have found themselves outside the labour economy entirely.

The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism

In this book, the author argues that, in the modern world, the way to thrive is to set up one’s life so that the basics are taken care of, and then reorganize the rest of your life so that random chance is a GOOD thing sometimes you get great rewards, and the rest of the time it doesn’t matter.

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