Features in application1. Clear audio voice for Meditation 2. Backward & forward buttons3. Media player seek bar to scroll the media track with time duration4. Khadgamala is not merely a Stotra or a hymn but is a Mala Mantra which invokes Sri Mahatripurasundari along with all her Avarana Devatas. It is a very powerful. 3 Oct (Devi will become pratyaksham for one who chants Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram ). Without proper initiation I started to chant from a book.

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Aim salutations to the khadgamala stotram. The nine Goddesses controlling the nine Chakras. You are commenting using your WordPress. Then she limited the fields of cosmic awareness making an individual. I will check khadgamala stotram someone who is known to me and get back to you….

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Chant the root khadgamala stotram as per your capacity. Can this be reused khadgamala stotram for doing kum kum archana? Sauh salutations by middle finger.

It takes additional mts to chant this. Well-done video for newbie like me. It works for me. Salutations to all the kkhadgamala. Time and space going in whirls make matter.

Khadgamala stotram – The flower of the love Anangamekhale – The girdle of love Anangamadane – The Goddess of love Anangamadanature – The one affected by throes of love Anangarekhe – The line of love Anangavegini – The speed of love Anangankushe – The goad of love Anangamalini – She who wears the garland of love, Sarvasamkshobhanachakraswamini – The goddess of the wheel that agitates all, Guptatarayogini – She who practices the secret yoga.

Keep focusing on the center dot and you will be surprised at the end. Can you please tell khadgamala stotram how I will khadgamala stotram initiated?


Vishnudeva late 11 th cen. Parameshvaraparameshvari – The divine Goddess of the divine Lord Mitreshamayi – Goddess of friendship Shashthishamayi – Goddess who pervades as Lord Subramanya Uddishamayi – Goddess who pervades as moon Charyanadhamayi – Goddess who pervades as right rituals Lopamudramayi – Goddess who pervades as Lopa Mudra Agastyamayi – Goddess who pervades as sage Agastya. Ham — to the soul of ether I offer the flower of khadgamala stotram control of my senses.

I was worried what I had would go away. Vam — for the khadgamala stotram soul of blood I offer the nectar of joy which is the power of Shiva as well khadgamala stotram the end of nectar like Shiva.

Adi Shankara had appeared before — gave me Darshan in — I guess I was lucky because I made some comment in my mind in the Temple on the Khadgamala stotram when khadgamala stotram was celebrating his Jayanti. Join or Log Into Facebook.

The Mala is of five types: Following are the Khadgamala stotram of the nine enclosures of Sri Chakra: July 23, at khadgamala stotram Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sauh Salutations to the armour. Hi Mahesh, I am in LV and would like to contact you.

Devi Khadgamala Stotram Lyrics | Hindu Devotional Blog

Now I relate what I heard in my child hood about Sri Khadgamala stotram. The following is the khadgamaoa in which the names should be recited. Time – space – matter was classified by Her great will into life, sky, air, fire, water and earth and their properties in khadgamala stotram form.

Khadgamala stotram made the earth to move around the sun making years and moon around earth making the lunar month. View this document on Scribd.

So life has to be in continuous union khadgamala stotram flowing time in order to have any experience. Stogram fulfils all wishes, more than you desire, instantly.


It has several steps to follow for anyone to khadgamala stotram incrementally. Having a guru near where you live is important, while others may argue otherwise…. Kameshvari – Goddess of passion Bhagamalini – Goddess who wears Sun as garland Nityaklinne – Goddess who is always wet with mercy Bherunde – Goddess who has a fearful form Vahnivasini – Goddess who lives in fire Maha Vajreshvari khadgamala stotram Goddess who is like a diamond Shiva dhooti – Goddess who sent Shiva as emissary Tvarite – Goddess khadgamala stotram is in a hurry Kula Sundari – Goddess who is the prettiest of her clan Nitye – Goddess who is eternal Nilapatake – Goddess who has a blue flag Vijaye- Goddess who is victorious Sarvamangale – Goddess who khadgamala stotram completely auspicious Jvala Malini – Goddess whose garlands shine khadgamala stotram flame Chitre – Goddess who is bright Maha Nitye – Goddess who is forever and always great.

I had been and passed via Kanchi 3 times but never visited Kanchi Ashram.

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram / Meditation

I guess we could call this initiation. The Yantra is composed of a series of nine khadgamala stotram triangles around a small central point, Bindu, forming 43 triangular projections.

Aim salutations by the palm khadgamaal back of the palm. Can you please give how kum kum arachana needs to khadgamala stotram done? Hkadgamala salutations by the khadgamala stotram.

Anyways, later I was very Lucky also to hear his Voice, he took me in sleep and sang me Kanakdhara Stotram and I woke upa t 4 am remembering the last sentences and his strong Voices is still in my ears. Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu.