Existentialism From Dostoevsky to Sartre [Walter Kaufmann] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Good for age. Wear and creasing of spine. Mar 1, One of the foremost resources on existentialism from renowned philosopher, poet , and Nietzsche translator Walter Kaufmann—a must-read for. Mar 28, One of the foremost resources on existentialism from renowned philosopher, poet , and Nietzsche translator Walter Kaufmann—a must-read for.

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I have a right kaufmnan say so, for I shall go on living to sixty myself. The Beginning of The Will to Power 5. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Sartre even dismisses Jaspers in print as a professed Catholic, while in fact Jaspers is a Protestant who has developed into a non-denominational proponent of “Biblical religion. I felt them positively swarming in me, these opposite elements. The thing that irked me most about this anthology was Kaufmann’s highly questionable selections. There remains a final objection which concerns not only Sartre but Heidegger and Jaspers, too: The pieces of writing chosen here are solid and quite accessible for a person reading anything by one of these writers for the first time.

Where are my foundations?

I might even be genuinely touched, though probably I should grind my teeth at myself afterwards and lie awake at night with shame for months after. Read it Forward Read it first. Bad-Faith, in this book translated as Self-Deception, is a great idea, his formulation of it lessens the impact. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. By the time fgom consider adding Rilke, Kafka, and Camus, it becomes plain that the one essential feature shared by all these men is their perfervid individualism.

If, as it is often done, Nietzsche and Dostoevsky are included in the fold, we must make room for an impassioned anti-Christian and an even more more fanatical Greek-Orthodox Russian Imperialist. Some are altogether embarrassed by his later work and confine their admiration to Being and Time and such other relatively early essays as, for example, What is Metaphysics?


These are motifs that remain central in all so-called existentialism: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. In his revolt against the objectivity of Hegel’s internal criticism, Jaspers offers strictures which remain completely external to the positions judged. The procedure in understanding texts is a simile for all comprehension of Being. In fact, it was Nietzsche exlstentialism came first to write of faith and self- deception, of the last man and the overman; and then Jaspers and Heidegger dealt with similar topics, writing like professors, expounding despair and death and the attempt to know oneself in terms of quaint big words and one-two-three, and even Roman three, Arabic two, small b.

Walter Kaufmann: Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre | Valentina Cizmar –

Nevertheless, the Buddha, too, opposed any reliance on the divine because he wanted men to realize their complete responsibility. Besides, I am extremely superstitious, sufficiently so to respect medicine, anyway I am well-educated enough not to be superstitious, but I am superstitious.

Remember that it was a lot harder existentlalism learn about people elsewhere in the world pre-internet. Nor could it be argued that this conception of existentialism is generous to the point of being altogether amorphous and meaningless. I almost sartrr did succeed. Sartre attacks Freud on specific grounds.

Found this book on a bookshelf in high school. While it’s not an existenrialism task, scholars have argued about the basic concepts of existentialism for yearsa primer without a clear idea of what the subject matter is doesn’t serve much use.

To Jaspers the differences between Kierkegaard and Nietzsche seem much less important than that which they have in common. The picture it was sold under and the lack of description new, good, acceptable had me under the impression this was a new book. Oct 17, E-Lynn Yap rated it really liked it. Much of the time, Jaspers referiert: You imagine no doubt, gentlemen, that I want to amuse you.


Dec 15, Jonfaith rated it liked it. Kierkegaard, however, was an anti-Plato no less than an anti-Hegel, and an anti-Thomas no less than an anti-Copernicus. Pick it up if you want to flesh out the skeleton of your existentialism knowledge.

Well, stay awake then, you, too, feel every minute that I have toothache. This is not meant to be a defense of arbitrariness. Thus it would follow, as the result of acute consciousness, that one is not to blame in being a scoundrel; as though that were any consolation to the scoundrel once he has come to realize that he actually is a scoundrel.

I should persecute any one who would not show me respect. See all customer images. He died, not simply with a tranquil, but with a triumphant, conscience, and he was quite right, too.

Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre

Other books in this series. Since the death of Hegel, this kind of exposition has come more and more to dominate most courses in philosophy. Alexa Dostoecsky Analytics for the Web. As we shall see, however, Heidegger’s and Jaspers’ Nietzsche pictures tell at least as much about the German existentialists as about Nietzsche. Indeed, all the great philosophers said also, among other things, to use the words of Rilke: I am forty years old now, and you know forty years is a whole lifetime; you know it is extreme old age.

He was acerbic, but a great teacher. Giving this book a score was really tricky. In both cases the late philosophy has esoteric, if not mystic, touches and sartrre supported by the most tremendous sense of a historic mission.

Not sure why the book featured him so disproportionately though — his section was considerably longer than anyone else’s.