24 Jun “Every programming language has its quirks. This lively book reveals oddities of the Java programming language through entertaining and. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. A must read books for all java developers. Its clears all the dust from the air making your concepts more clear. User Review . “Every programming language has its quirks. This lively book reveals oddities of the Java programming language through entertaining and thought-provoking.

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Nowhere is this more apparent than in conditional expressions. Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases. The moral of this puzzle is simple: As expected, the first call to System. The following declaration does the trick: If correct ppuzzlers misled programmers into thinking that they had dis- Preface covered a bug, it probably represents a trap or pitfall. Java puzzlers traps pitfalls and corner cases an Uber Clone in 7 Days: It provides many bibliographic references. Discarding the reason for abrupt completion is almost never what you want, because the original reason for abrupt puazlers might be important to the behavior of a program.

Well, Dog My Cats! Regular expressions were added to the Java platform in release 1. The corresponding simple assignment is illegal because it attempts to assign an int value to a short variable, which requires an explicit cast: He holds a Ph.

Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases – Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter – Google Books

A handy catalog of traps and pitfalls at the back of the book provides a concise taxonomy for future reference. Write comments carefully and keep them up to puzz,ers. If you happen to write a program that really can assign to a blank final more than once, the compiler will helpfully point this out to you.

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Only the int operand in the first expression, however, is constant 0 ; the int operand in the second expression is variable i. Most of the java puzzlers traps pitfalls and corner cases exploit counterintuitive or obscure behaviors that can lead to bugs. Peter Wise rated it it was amazing Aug 14, To avoid this sort of difficulty, it is generally best to avoid mixed-type computations. The lesson for language designers is that the char[] type should probably have overridden toString to return the characters contained in the array.

The right operand of the addition, 0xcafebabe, is promoted to the long value 0xffffffffcafebabeL.

The Joy of Hex Puzzle 5: For more information, please contact: The key to this puzzle is the comment on the third line of the program. Hello, Goodbye field initializer. This is counterintuitive because 0x90 is a two-digit hexadecimal literal.

Java Puzzlers

The type of the conditional expression determines which overloading of the print method is invoked. Then these byte values are translated into char values by the String constructor. Indecision You might think that this program is illegal. Each interface limits the set of checked exceptions that method f can throw. In this program, however, the try block does not complete execution at all.

There are two ways to fix it. Words cannot do them justice, so you owe it to yourself to take a look. In both expressions, the value of the int operand is 0, which is representable as a char. The following version of the program demonstrates this technique, printing both Hello world and Goodbye world, as expected: There is one surefire way to avoid this sort of difficulty: Therefore the program should print Animals are equal: This is indeed what would happen if you preceded the loop with this declaration: Have you ever spent days chasing a bug caused by a trap or pitfall in Java or its libraries?


Most of the puzzles take the form java puzzlers traps pitfalls and corner cases a short program whose behavior isn’t what it seems.

The comparison of a byte to an int is a mixed-type comparison. Therefore, the conversion from byte to char is java puzzlers traps pitfalls and corner cases considered a widening primitive conversion [JLS 5. But it also returns false. The thirdElementIsThree method returns true if its argument has three or more elements and the third element is equal to 3.

String Cheese First, the byte array is initialized with every possible byte value from 0 to Puzzlefs EducationJun 24, – Computers – pages.