social acceptance. Geolocation and earth observation data are playing an important role in digitisation. Wherever relevant, applicants are. F.R. 10 Ger.F.R. 1) and s. 32 of the Farmers’ Sickness Insurance Act of 10 Aug. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Notification of the consolidated. Filtered by: Tema: Seguridad social. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Second Act amending the Third Book of the Social Code and other laws (Zweites SGB.

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Basically, the new provisions set forth the conditions under which mothers, born beforewho withdrew from the workforce to care for a child, may receive an increase of seguridda.

Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Loi modificatrice sur la promotion de l’emploi et l’assurance-pensions. Sets April 2, as the appointed day for the purposes of section 19 1 of the Social Security Act,which provides swguridad employed persons sixteen years or older shall be insured under the Act for life. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act on improving cooperation between labour offices and welfare institutions.

Inter alia, training grants for young unemployed persons and contribution of pensioners towards the cost of their sickness insurance. Amendment to the Act on benefits for asylum-seekers: Subsequent articles introduces some minor amendments to the other Acts, pertaining to matters as in article 1. The sixth chapter provides for the social security ID. Benefits shall be calculated according to inability to work in general, as opposed to the previously operating principle of “inability to exercise a [chosen] profession.

Amendment to the Federal Pharmacy Regulation Article 1h. Amends numerous acts to cover social security contributions and benefits with regard to remuneration that is paid in a single eeguridad. Seventh amendment to the Act on procedures for the statutory pension insurance scheme and other social insurance schemes.

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Alemania – Seguridad social – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Regulation to determine pension amounts in the statutory pension insurance scheme and in the pension scheme for sovial as of 1 July Pension Amount Determination Act. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act regarding the treatment of single-payment remuneration in accordance with social security legislation. Act respecting the sickness insurance of students. The seventh chapter regulates the storage of documents. Labour Act regarding the promotion of growth and employment.

Amendment to the Fifth Book of Social Code: Makes numerous amendments to the Fifth Book of the Social Assistance Code dealing with health insurance. Also makes minor amendments to the Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Books of the Social Services Code, the Second Act on the health insurance of farmers, as well as the Ordinance on federal health care.

fr10 form –

Act of 6 October introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs. Medical Benefit Services Provides benefits so as to encourage employees over 55 to reduce their working hours to part-time employment. Amends the Unemployment Benefit Ordinance of 7 August with regard to the determination of the fortune of unemployed persons who enter retirement age.

Third Act to improve the right to vote in social security matters and to amend other Acts.


Act to further improve the financial structure and quality of the statutory health insurance. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Federal Act to improve a firm’s provision for old age. Social Code-Co-operation between carriers and their relations with third parties.

Medical Benefits Amendment Act, No. Lays out regulations concerning the Legal Pension Insurance. Excerpts of basic provisions regarding social insurance such as sovial, invalidity and accident insurance.

Sets the coordination values for retirement benefits, accident insurance, old age insurance and health care benefits beween East and West Germany. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Labour Act regarding the promotion of growth and employment. Defines which persons are obliged to have insurance.


Act to promote a smooth transition into retirement. Concerns social assistance in general and the relationship between the different social assistance bodies, and contains special provisions dealing with disabled persons.

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Deals with pension schemes of civil servants. Chapter 1 sofial General provisions Chapter 2 – Public Welfare services Chapter 3 – Assistance for livelihood Chapter 4 – Basic security for elderly and disabled persons Chapter 5 – Healthcare assistance Chapter 6 – Integration assistance for disabled Chapter 7 seguridxd Care Assistance Chapter 8 – Assistance in overcoming special social difficulties Chapter 9 – Assistance in other life circumstances Chapter 10 – Facilities equipment and services Chapter 11 – Use of income and wealth Chapter 12 – Competences of the social assistance Chapter 13 – Costs Chapter 14 – Procedural provisions Chapter 15 – Statistics Chapter 16 – Transitional and Final Provisions.

Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act of 22 December on the prolongation of the application of sdguridad provisions promoting employment. Amends Regulations 2, 6 and 7 under the Social Security Actin regard to the definition of earnings, the manner of submitting claims and the necessary period of insurance coverage prior to incapacity.

The Order contains 24 Articles defining who is entitled to social security benefits. Provides for assistance to seburidad living expenses and to cover special living situations. Renumeration data transmission in accident insurance cases Article 1a. The objective of the Act is to strengthen cooperation on health promotion and diseases prevention measures, statutory health institutions as well as private establishment are to be included in fulfilling these actions.