EXAIR’s Air Nozzle Blowoff Guide to see the details on our enormous selection .. EXAIR’s Super Air Knife is the latest generation of our engineered air knife. EXAIR’s Super Air Knife is a new generation of air knife that dramatically reduces compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs. The Super. EXAIR Super Air Knife, SCFM per Inch Maximum Flow Rate, 80 psig: Industrial Air Cylinders: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Super Air Knife kits include a shim set. It is designed for permanent or temporary mounting to a compressed air pipe.

Extension pipes, chip shields and Stay Set Hoses available for most models. The control activates the solenoid valve included when the temperature setting is exceeded. The tip glows bright red and an audible tone is kbife when voltage is detected. Pressure Gauges and Thermostat. External Mix Atomizing Nozzle and Accessories. The Gen4 Ionizing Point is effective for spot neutralization. No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance free operation.

Exait the model number that includes your choice of Air Nozzle or Jet, a length of Stay Set Hose, and a one or two outlet magnetic base. Floor level coolant sumps can be easily refilled, floor spills vacuumed, or eair liquids transferred to filtration tanks in minutes.

The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient exiar to clean dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. By purchasing products from this Site, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of this online store. The Mini Cooler is particularly effective on high speed operations to prevent burning, melting and heat related breakage.


A low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial housekeeping problems. The spring-loaded valve instantly shuts off the air supply if the air gun is dropped. This can cause fluctuations in pressure and volume throughout the compressed air system with some points being “starved” for compressed air.

In most cases, the highest voltage reading will indicate kmife source of the static problem. Type and Stainless Steel. Aluminum Super Air Knives that are 24″ or longer must be supplied with compressed air at multiple inlets on the knife to ensure even airflow. The Gen4 Stay Set Ion Air Jet comes complete with a magnetic base that kniffe easy mounting and portability on a machine, a bench or other surface.

This minimizes compressed air use for blow off, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations. A small amount of compressed air is throttled through an internal ring nozzle above sonic velocity. Integrated fuse protects against voltage spikes, modular cable eases routing, electromagnetic shielding protects other sensitive electronics.

Air Knives

Heat build up on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. Its high powered vacuum is able to lift liquids up to 15 feet vertical and fill a 55 gallon drum in less than 85 seconds. EXAIR’s Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem.

Its compressed air powered vacuum fills a 55 gallon drum in less than two minutes. Flow meters for copper pipe also available. Available in aluminum, Type stainless steel or Type stainless steel. Choose 2 outlet or 4 outlet model. EXAIR offers a variety of mufflers, tubing, check valves, and fittings that make it easy to build a vacuum system best suited to your vacuum application.

Super Air Knifeā„¢ and Accessories – Air Knives – Products

They are available in many cooling capacities for large and small control panels. The Universal Air Knife Mounting System can be articulated into any position and provides a maximum extension of 30″ mm. It is ideal for use on machines with sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers of knive liquids. The patented Chip Trapper offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. Available in 10′, 20′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ lengths.


Type or Stainless Steel.

The compact Cabinet Cooler can be installed in minutes through a standard electrical knockout. The High Lift Chip Trapper has the extra power you need to move liquids from below grade work areas, sumps or tanks.

EXAIR’s Pressure Regulators permit easy selection of an operating pressure that will allow the air product to work properly without using excessive amounts of compressed air. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors.

No drip models also available to preserve ecair liquids and protect product finished from drips. If the end is blocked, flow simply reverses at well below OSHA dead end pressure requirements.

Mounting brackets are used to mount Filters and Pressure Regulators to a frame, wall or sturdy surface. These vacuum pumps are ideal for a wide variety of pick and place, box opening, clamping, lifting, chucking and surface mounting applications.

Kits including a solenoid valve and thermostat are available to retrofit existing Cabinet Coolers which are operating continuously.