Jo Bowman. An overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business emerges from ESOMAR’s just-released annual. Esomar Global Market Research Report Asia Research | October The global market research turnover grew to US.1 billion in , representing a . imperfections. Authors, editors and ESOMAR do not accept responsibility for the Welcome to the Global Market Research. Report, covering . %. Turnover US$m. Net growth (%). %. %.

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I historically have found the various reports produced by industry associations underwhelming. New horizons, fresh challenges.

A World of Difference – ESOMAR Global Market Research – RW Connect

Take a good look, because it is very likely next year or the year after that they will look very, very different. Germany, however, continued to buck the trend, recording positive growth of 5. In other words, how much of the 32billion dollars comes from smaller companies?

The economic recovery expected there in failed to materialise, government spending on research declined, clients brought a greater proportion of research in house, and a greater share of what remained was done online, with a dampening effect on earnings.

Closely related sectors that increasingly competitive to MR are growing and we are struggling to maintain an upward trajectory: The total number of acquisitions by the biggest 25 firms was 24, and there were three divestitures.

Can you do anything with it? Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. Most of the companies snapped redearch were small, as the groups look to fill in gaps in selected markets.

The total turnover increased by 4. How big of a player are they in the market compared to the long time clients that are big firms. Fast-growing emerging markets buoyed the global market research industry and globxl losses and sluggish performances elsewhere in If someone has an estimate, please let me know Cheers. Global Market Research report.


New Horizons … Fresh Challenges. Global Market Research – RW Connect

The report is packed with industry data and analysis of the hottest growth markets, the fastest-growing companies, researcj most significant mergers and acquisitions, and the most promising signs of optimism. My arguments above, as well as the data on the market sizing for these related segments, should underline the fact that our estimation on the size of our industry is flawed.

You and some others may consider this blatant self promotion but the way I see it is: Glkbal I applaud the inclusion of Advisory services and the retro activation of that forthere is a downside to this change.

Alfredo Stotesbury May 13, at 7: This analysis was most informative, esomzr I agree with most of your conclusions. The Chinese research market, accounting for a growing share of the region, grew amrket You can tell equally convincing stories that say the opposite of each other based on very similar data.

Also, for panel companies and software they say it could be double counting, which I kinda get, but that is assuming all their business comes from other research companies, and specifically CASRO and other trade orgs members, and that is most certainly not the case. Latin America, buoyed by massive gains in Brazil last year, showed 7.

Esomar Global Market Research Report 2013

Looking at the related category market sizing estimates above that is borne out. Leonard Murphy, editor-in-chief of the industry GreenBook blog, says talented people must take their core skills from the old era of research and apply them in different ways. How do we get the real meaning? The folks included in the commentary sections are:.


According to the report, the troubled country looks to be recovering after two years of decline as a result of economic upheaval following the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Every category other than sample providers experienced growth, with Communities, Syndicated Research and Survey Software experiencing double-digit growth.

The Honomichl Top 50, ESOMAR Global 25 & The Need To Re-Define Market Research

Informa Research Services Inc. Service Management Group Inc. Vision Critical Communications Inc. In others, it even challenges the data. Brazil saw better than expected growth, lifted by political polling and research surrounding the upcoming Olympics and football World Cup.

But if we include them then we have to include any research based analyst on the planet: In closing I will be ecstatic for DigitalMR to become top of mind for you when you discuss social media listening and private online communities.

Global and regional highlights and growth data on 80 countries, with Myanmar newly added to the list. As with big data, one of the greatest challenges of mobile research is interpretation. It also features interviews with respected industry figures on the changing shape of the research industry as advancing technology, economic flux and political upheaval transform the business landscape.

Success, the report suggests, will depend on research demonstrating its value and being prepared to take a different approach to client problems.