3 Mar E/ECE//Rev.1/Add/Rev.8−E/ECE/TRANS//Rev.1/Add/Rev.8 . Appendix 1 – List of vehicle data for the purpose of regulation No. The UNECE Sustainable Transport Division provides the secretariat services to WP, the World Forum that incorporates into its regulatory framework the. vehicle regulations not only to lift up our people’s safety and environmental . harmonization and the mutual recognition of approvals on UN/ECE/RH.

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Additional requirements for vehicles equipped with electric regenerative braking systems. In the case of a vehicle which satisfies the 60 per cent requirement specified in paragraph 1.

In the case of a motor vehicle equipped to tow a trailer with electric service brakes, the following requirements shall be met:. These requirements may be checked regulayions high- and low-adhesion road surfaces about 0,8 and 0,3 maximum by modulating the service braking control force.

Brake applications shall be made from an initial rotational speed equivalent to that given in row A of the table under paragraph 2. General conditions for passenger cars or Part 2: Brake lining equivalence shall be based on a comparison of the results achieved using the test procedures prescribed in this annex and in accordance with the following requirements.

The road shall have a surface affording good adhesion, unless specified otherwise in the relevant annexes. When an emergency condition has been sensed, at least by a very fast application of the pedal, the BAS system shall raise the pressure to deliver the maximum achievable braking rate or cause full cycling of the ABS.

Declaration of which is the secondary braking system: The vehicle stability function shall be demonstrated by the vehicle manufacturer to the Type Approval Authority or Technical Service by simulating the dynamic manoeuvres of paragraph 5. However, if the relative positions of the adhesion utilisation curves do not meet the requirements of paragraph 3.

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. This allows complex systems to automatically change their objectives with a priority which depends on the sensed circumstances. At one-half the sampling rate i. In addition, if the muscular effort applied by the driver to the parking braking system is reinforced by a servo device, the actuation of parking braking shall be ensured in the event of a failure of the servo device, if necessary by using a reserve of energy independent of that normally supplying the servo device.


A component made of materials having regulaitons characteristics, or a component differing in shape or size; 2.

General conditions for heavy vehicles and rr13 depending on the vehicle category:. Parking braking system The parking braking system shall make it possible to hold the vehicle stationary on an up or down gradient even in the absence of the driver, the working parts being then held in the locked position by a purely mechanical device.

Limits defining the boundaries of functional operation paragraph 2.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Designed brake force distribution: Total normal static reaction of road surface on the unbraked and non-driven axles of the power-driven vehicle. The distribution of mass among the axles; 2. This will be taken as the basic reference for the verification process set out in paragraph 4 of this annex.

In case of a failure, the driver shall be warned for example by warning signal or message display. The number and ratios of gears; 2. This information shall be subject to discussion and agreement between the Technical Service and the vehicle manufacturer.

Pedal force is increased at a linear rate such that the first axle lockup occurs no less than one-half 0,5 second and no more than one and one-half 1,5 seconds after the initial application of the pedal. Brake circuit configuration e.

The force exerted on the braking control device shall not exceed the specified values. For each brake application prescribed in paragraph 3 e above, determine the slope brake factor and pressure axis intercept brake hold-off pressure of the linear least squares equation best describing the measured torque output at each braked wheel as a function of measured line pressure applied at the same wheel.

A diagram of assembled braking equipment and an indication of the position of its components on the vehicle. In order to execute the necessary filtering of signals, low-pass filters with order 4 or higher shall be employed. However, a device comprising a red tell-tale signal lighting up when the fluid in the reservoir is below a certain level specified by the manufacturer is permitted.


If a Contracting Party to the Agreement which applies this Regulation withdraws an approval it has previously granted, it shall forthwith so notify the other Contracting Parties applying this Regulation by means of a copy of the communication form conforming to the model in Annex 1 to this Regulation. The following conditions may also be used: This requirement shall not be construed as a departure from the requirements of Annex 4. That has a means to monitor driver steering inputs; and 2.

The service braking system shall act on all wheels of the vehicle and shall distribute its action appropriately among the axles. Considerations for additional phaseless digital filtering include selection of pass bands and stop bands and the attenuation and allowable ripple in each; and correction of filter phase lags.

The following information shall be automatically recorded in phase continuously throughout each test run such that values of the variables can be cross referenced in real time:. If wheel lockup commences at a braking rate less than 0,15 and more than 0,8 then the test is invalid and should be repeated on a different road surface. Modification of vehicle type or braking system and extension of approval 8. The width of the pass band from 0 Hz to frequency f o at — 3 dB shall not be less than 30 Hz.

In the case of a failure within the electric transmission, any unintended actuation of the parking braking system shall be prevented. That Authority may then either: Alternatively, this protection requirement is regulafions when a secondary means of checking the correct operational status is available.

Vehicle Regulations – Transport – UNECE

The recovery performance shall not be less than 70 per cent, nor more than per cent of the figure recorded in this final repeat Type-0 test. In verifying compliance with the requirements of paragraphs 1. The approval numbers indicate that, at the dates sce the respective approvals were given, Regulation No H was in its original form and Regulation No 24 included the 02 series of amendments.