Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s writer Arkady Gaidar.[1] It was adapted as a film in , directed by. Finally, when winter came, he felt so terribly lonely that he wrote to his wife asking her to come and visit him with the boys. He had two boys: Chuck and Geek. Chuk i Gek [A. P. Gaidar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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While the three can stay in the guard’s hut, he has no keys to the main houses or the storage.

But it was hard to be quiet for any length of time, so, for want of anything better to do, Chuck and Geek soon fell fast asleep. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Adn Works by Arkady Gaidar in 4 volumes.

The moon had drifted behind the clouds and the snowdrifts seemed bluish-black through the frozen window-panes.

Works by Arkady Gaidar in 4 volumes. And after that you have to ride in a sleigh through the taiga. Mother became really worried then. Party urgently going into taiga. No smoke came from the chimneys.

That meant the letter was a jolly one. What does a fellow like him want to work for, when all he has to do is wriggle through a hole to get what he wants? Their stock of bread was giving out, but Mother xnd some flour and baked a few biscuits for them. It had not yet dawned and the sky was still full of stars. He stopped near a big wooden trunk and chjk its lid with his shaggy paw.


Chuk and Gek

O wheels, whirl eastward like a streak. Here was a sentry box and, standing by it, the sentry wrapped in a sheepskin coat.

Chuck made himself a dagger out of a kitchen knife, while Geek found a smooth stick, hammered a nail into it and — lo! Oh, no you don’t! Chuck, the thrifty one, had a flat metal box in which gdk kept tin foil from packets of tea and wrappers from sweets.

Chuk and Gek ()

She called Geek, she scolded and wheedled, but no response came. Each understood the meaning of happiness in his own way. He grumbled long and persistently but nobody was scared of this glum old man any more.

The sheepskin coat made him look so huge that the gun he held seemed a thin straw. She went out and looked round the house. Rummaging behind the stove, Chuck found a bent spring. Though the little lamp on the ceiling had been turned off, everything round Geek — the tumbler dancing up and down on the white cloth of the table, the yellow orange that now looked green, and the face of Mother who was fast asleep — was bathed in a bluish light.


He was both frightened and curious. Suddenly the watchman stood up and clapped a heavy key and a creased blue envelope on the table. Still dazed with sleep, he drew on his felt boots, pattered over to the table, drank some water out of the kettle and then sat down on a stool by the window.

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Suddenly a crash and a crackle sounded in the taiga. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Again they turned back.

The decorations factory was immediately transformed into a candle factory. They looked at each other in alarm. They all fell asleep at once.

He made no reply but stood up, put on his skis and went out to the forest.