1 Aug cameroon G C E A-level result – I wish to know the result of center No of candidate No Nubitga Fabrice Fomboh. – Aide Afrique. 19 Aug Here is the source of raw data and Advanced Level honours list; GCE Board’s Results Booklet. View Results at the bottom of the page. 30 Jul Centre No: CAMEROON COLLEGE OF ARTS SC. AND TECH. BAMBILIRegist, Sat for 4 or More Subjects, Passed

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It is cameroon gce results 2013 difficult to distinguish between government schools in Cameroon. This is because no matter how intelligent one is, passing English language is a prerequisite for gaining admission into all institutions of higher learning in English-speaking Cameroon and the rest of the English-speaking world.

Cup of Cameroon Quarterfinals: The girls of Saker Baptist College believe that their school is the best in the whole cameroon gce results 2013 Cameroon when you put together all aspects of school life and that they have the most colourful and vibrant ex-students called Sakerettes in the world.

Free GCE Results

Quality; i 89 A grades total, giving an average of 0. At the ordinary levelthe highest pass rate was in economics According to him, the confusion in which the Board placed the candidates goes cakeroon long way to taint the image of that institution because the cameroon gce results 2013 was not only made up of candidates but also some parents of the Francophone background who may not properly understand the Anglophone system of education, and are worried about the results of their children.

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Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Gce result o cameroon gce results 2013 Gce result o level center number essos external.

Candidates Sharpen Judicial Arsenal Cameroon: For more information about subscribing to allAfrica, please read the subscription and contribution overview. This school has been very consistent in having very good results at all levels.

Quality; 22 A grades cameroon gce results 2013, giving an average of 0.

When the cameroon gce results – Aide Afrique

They cannot wait to join the glamour world of the Sakerettes after they leave school. The Cameroon GCE board mistakenly omitted the physics O-level results from the results booklet and so the O-levels honour list that was published was inaccurate.

Quality; 37 A grades resullts, average of 0. Quality; i A grades total, 0. That is why this school tops the table of government schools and even performs better than many Christian schools across English-speaking Cameroon.

GCE Cameroon – 4 cameroon gce results 2013. Aide Afrique Cameroon gce results 2013 Aide-Afrique.

Aide Afrique Legal Aide-Afrique. When the cameroon gce results – 2 messages.


When the 2013 cameroon gce results

Quality; cameroon gce results 2013 70 A grades total, giving an average of 1. I wish to know my ordinary level result my center no is and my candidate no is Students spent almost an entire day, waiting in vain for the results.

The students achieved a cameroon gce results 2013 of 31 A grades, giving an average of 0. At the Ordinary levelthe school achieved A grades, giving an average of 1. View Results at the bottom of the page. My nane is djapa djiomou victorien and my center number is external, my candidate nunber is Wish to get my GCE A level result candidate number and my center number is These candidates were ranked by the Cameroon GCE Board from 1 st to 39 th based on their scores within cameroon gce results 2013 grade boundaries.

Quality; 3 A grades total, average of 0. A pass of In mathematics, cameroon gce results 2013, candidates sat the exam and 78, failed The lowest pass rate was in accounts A level result for cameroon GCE – 2 messages. Quality; 1 A grade total, average of 0.