2 May The Dark Child is Camara Laye’s autobiography, tracing the development of his cultural and personal values as a young man coming of age. Complete summary of Camara Laye’s The Dark Child. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dark Child. Analysis and discussion of characters in Camara Laye’s The Dark Child.

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The Dark Child Characters

Camara Laye died in in Dakar of a famara infection. Kourassa, though canara smaller town, has a large Muslim population too. The folklore study moves from nostalgia to an understanding “that their early play was more than entertainment” Finally the link with childhood is severed altogether as he gets on a plane to France. I used to play jacks. It lasted three days. Even though they never declare their love for each other, Laye calls her friendship one of the sustaining forces of his life in Conakry.

In this regard, The Dark Child presents a powerful, if submerged, critique of the logic of colonialism. This is a childd book, a memoir, Camara Laye tells us about his youth in Guinea. However, the memoir itself is shaped by a contradiction that is essential to the Camars critique of colonialism: He never mocks or satirizes even those aspects of the traditional faith that have become somewhat suspect to him in his later years.

At the age of 15 he went to Conakrythe colonial lae, to continue his education. In these chores, he is hampered by the school clothes he wears. She suggests he is more displaced than anything else, citing examples from the end of the book where he locates the subway map given him by his father, and sits in confusion on the plane, pondering his next course of action.


Includes text extracted from The African Child and notable information about the author’s life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His mother was from the village of Tindican, and his immediate childhood surroundings were not predominantly influenced by French culture.

The Dark Child

There is also some real poetry like this sentence from Chapter IV: The nobles consisted of farmers, who grew rice, millet, and garden vegetables for subsistence; from their clans cammara the political leaders. I identified so much with Camara Laye because of my own firsthand experience of leaving my childhood home post-Katrina, during the time of the New Orleans diaspora.

As animists, the Malinke believe in the existence and power of spirits in every object. In they banded together to form a movement the Rassemblement Democratique Africain that agitated for constitutional guarantees of their rights, and in an arm of this movement the Parti Democratique de Guinee was established in Guinea. These powers are most clearly dak in his relationship with a small, black snake and in the spirituality, The youngsters are teased and forced to do manual labor that the teachers dole out to the older children as punishment for misbehavior.

This book, detailing the earlier part of his life in the French Gambia is simply amazing. Follow Us on Facebook.

A Guggenheim museum on-line preview of its exhibit. Dec 24, Anita Pomerantz childd it liked it Shelves: Profile of the country, it’s population, people, climate, etc. Layes childhood is an interesting mix of spiritual traditions and formal religion mixed together in a way that works and that doesn’t appear disjointed.

The second thing I realised is that I need to start buying hardbacks — this paperback cjild crumbled in my hands as I read it.

That the Malinke see no contradiction between Muslim faith and more traditional practices is proved by the ease with which they combine observances from the two faiths.


Only toward the end does Laye leave the village to study. Knowledge, Power, and Art in West Africa. Archived from the original on April 21, The setting makes Laye’s life interesting because it is unique and simultaneously undersco An enjoyable coming of age story about Camara Laye’s childhood in French Guinea. Born into a blacksmith czmara themselves, these apprentices were believed to possess the heretofore untapped power as their birthright, and older blacksmiths kept it intact by marrying among themselves.

The Dark Child by Camara Laye. The book has an outlook which is unique.

Dec 14, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Laye claims early in his autobiography that his mother has separated him from her other children and keeps him close by in her hut. The size of a town varied from perhaps 20 concessions in a small community to or more. Conakry sat on an island called Tombo, from which the French built a thousand-foot causeway to the mainland.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

Laye wrote The Dark Child at age nineteen as a student in Paris, homesick for laje mother and his homeland. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Dark Child. At age fifteen he went to Conakry, capital of Guinea, to continue his education. Camara Laye was born in Kouroussaa town in what was then the colony of French Guinea.