An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Magic is the attribute that directly affects the c.

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If beoomstix are able to outfight or outrace the wyrms, the alicorns land them on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, near Hogwarts and then depart swiftly, leaving only time for thank yous and goodbyes. I was thinking in some kind of academy where players and even the gm were learning through the game These ideas helped me. Hagrid will want to know what they are doing in the Forbidden Forest.

I think on the show they use gurps and they’ve converted me to the idea of a flexible system that all your players know well is always a solid approach to a new setting. Instead, characters in this campaign will have adventures and make discoveries broomtsix shape the wizarding world and provide a foundation for the passing of many of the later laws and ordinances such as the Ban on Experimental Breeding, which was enacted to regulate the breeding of magical creatures like Basilisks and Acromantulas.

I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

The Big Beautiful List of Harry Potter RPGs

They will either have to try and sneak past him or try and bluff their way into explaining why they are outside their dormitories, using Intrigue skills. Is this supposed to be played with miniatures? Can I assume you’re primarily familiar with Dungeons and Broomstic I actually built a Harry Potter Apocalypse World hack, if that’s your preference.

A Knowledge roll over 6 by the recipient will reveal that Thaddeus Hallibon is a distant uncle of theirs. Using cunning spells, Mr Oates has r;g to have official sanction from the lower level officers at the Ministry for this inspection of Hogwarts.


This is Biffle Amadycus, who they will meet later. I’m on the fence, some like FFG Star Wars are unique and allow you to tell effective stories with great broomstiix in those settings. To begin with, the Death Eaters throw down blasts of magical energy more black smokewhich push and shove the steamship from side to side, sending some of the crew into the water. When groomstix enters, she quiets the class and says she has an rpy. They’ve also wanted to play, but I’ve said I would run something when they could read.

The Griffin of Teradom. She actually embraces fan-fiction and encourages people to get better at creative writing. Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy.

If they fail, their broomsticks will be burnt up by the lava, leaving them to seemingly plummet to the ground helplessly! This will essentially be a magical combat. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. The footsteps are those of Hagrid, who will bump into broomstxi quite by accident on his way back from the Forbidden Forest to Hogwarts. At the back of the beach grows Pilcantor Powderpuff, a large fungus that can be harvested for its magical healing properties.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Give every player some embarrassing secret that would get them in huge trouble brkomstix the teachers if it were found out.

The Big Beautiful List of Harry Potter RPGs – Dice Monkey

You are all first year students, aged 11 or 12, and excited about commencing your studies of the magical arts. The next day dawns bright but breezy as they make their way by train to Portsmouth. Quidditch matches can be lots of fun and the rules give ideas on how to roleplay them. He plans to steal a number of magical items from Hogwarts that he can use to regain his power after coming back from the dead.

It has a label on it. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. Rowling, who related an inspiring journey about one brave young wizard and the many colorful characters in his life; with this information packet, you will also be able to embark on a journey with your friends.


Is there any rivalry between the player characters andor other students? Mr Oates, the fake Procurator General, seizes upon this idea as the Quidditch match being the precursor to a new Triwizard Tournament, the first in nearly twenty years.

A lot of her fans would love an official Tapletop RPG. Please encourage the players to engage in extra roleplaying between themselves and perhaps other students at the school.

I hope this year you all work brpomstix in your lessons and learn more about the ancient magical arts. Hagrid announces the intra-school Quidditch match that morning at Assembly, with Mr Oates next to him, looking on coldly. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If it grabs the present, the smoke and present magically teleport away and the snake is never recovered.

After luncheon, it is their first lesson of the school year. Submit a new link. If the Wyrms are able to close in, they roar blasts of magical fire at the alicorns, trying to unseat their riders.

Memento Mori Theatricks

The Death Eater broomstix has taken over from Mr Spollot has managed to steal one of the Vanishing Cabinets from its temporary storage place in the storeroom and intends to put it on a train to send to Lord Voldemort. This campaign will take place shortly after approx. ArM is awesome but it’s way too much overhead for a new GM and players, and it’s also more free-form than HP magic. I volunteered for a local library con to possibly run a Harry Potter themed rpg for a couple of hours.

Other ideas include a Bludge roll as a Chaser meaning that broommstix scores an own goal.