We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . 28 Jan That’s precisely what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, who has been explores in the unfortunately titled but otherwise excellent Love “Love ” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson. Michael Edwards 5 August Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can be a force for.

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Empathy and social change A Transformation series.

The Big Idea: Barbara Fredrickson On Love 2.0

How often do life’s little slights and inconveniences just bug the shit out of you. But again, I only sorta liked it. There is something to be said for viewing love as a present-tense verb that is not limited to romantic or filial love, but I think loce define love solely as that positive interaction ignores some very positive aspects lovw those relationships.

And I love that the author takes her earlier positivity psychology further, into the realm of love, in order to make the world a better pl I love that there is a whole seemingly respectable research lab called PEP at the University of North Carolina freddrickson does research on having subjects practice LKM.

It makes us more trusting and open to others. So going forward, I will make an active effort to live the verb of love in my life. I’ve not tried the Day Reconstruction Method – that promises to take a lot of time. Read it Forward Fredrckson it first. Rare in its scope and ambitious in its message, Love 2. This resonance can occur with anyone, anytime. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

I love that this is a book that unabashedly talks about love in a new way, one I may not agree with wholeheartedly, but that offers a fresh perspective.

The participants practiced less than an hour a week. This means that positivity resonance lasts only as long as people are engaged. Put differently, in making ffedrickson bulletproof you may also numb yourself to possibilities for true connection.

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“Love ” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson | openDemocracy

Maybe someone has to write a similar book in a much less reverent tone in order to get me excited. Jan 24, Pages.

Want to Read saving…. I preferred the first part of the book more than the second.

I also found it somewhat troubling how the author didn’t recognize that you can have loving interactions with things that are not humans, like animals, or lovw geographic locations.

Not a bad book – just not my type of book. Fredrickson makes a compelling case for love being an action, with deep physiological effects most have never thought of.

While love can certainly catch you by surprise, like a sudden rain, unlike the weather, you can also seed and cultivate the conditions for love all on your own. Feb 14, Chad rated it it was ok Shelves: Published January 24th by Avery first published January 1st What a great book.

The Big Idea: Barbara Fredrickson On Love

It can be self-diminishment in disguise. Your outlook quite literally expands as you come under the influence of any of several positive emotions. Love, as your body defines it, is not exclusive, not something to be reserved for your soul mate, your inner circle, your kin, or your so-called loved ones. We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much.

But she believes that it’s the physical connections—the eye contact, verbal or sexual exchange that are the true instances of love. The key is to keep them in balance.

Maybe someone, probably a guy, and not a sensitive new age guy SNAG needs to cover this topic in a more sober more butch voice in order for me to feel it all the way. I think she is trying to just expand the definition of love, so that those who talk all the time about falling in and out of love realize how ridiculous it is, but love is so much broader and all-encompassing than even Dr.


Nothing that much new if you are familiar with kindness meditation, empathy etc etc. Love knows no such boundaries, however. In case you didn’t know, or failed to notice, mammals particularly people are essentially hard wired to focus on the negative shit, and pretty much equally biased to blow off, or completely take for granted the positive shit.

In other words, two brains are having one experience. If we understand our experiences of connection and health and wisdom in terms of love and positivity, then we would build our institutions differently. While I get the importance of connection, I didn’t learn anything new, and it was very generalized and ambiguous information.

He actually needs to please not write a book on LKM. Fredrickson attempts to upgrade the concept of love. So even the most potent emotion-eliciting stimulus like love can fade into the background. Then I quickly felt disenchanted. Made up words and concepts and just boring. The research shows that when brains are in sync, the neural coupling allows us to really understand someone else. The first part was great, with detailed info about the physiological aspects of love. The book has two parts: Peter Geoghegan and Jenna Corderoy.

Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe.

We were born to loveshe writes, and the evidence fredricksn from research that shows how our brains and nervous system were designed to enhance our chances of experiencing it. Love sculpture by Robert Indiana in New York.