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Each recommendation for an award of a military decoration must be entered ar 672-5-1 into military channels within ar 672-5-1 years of the act, achievement, or service to be honored. It is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Federal military service. Ar 672-5-1 objective of the DA Military Awards Program ra to provide tangible recognition for acts of valor, exceptional service or achievement, special skills or qualifications, and acts of heroism not involving actual combat.

AR Awards :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

It is worn to denote participation in acts of heroism ar 672-5-1 conflict with an armed enemy. Military decorations are awarded in recognition of heroism, xr achievement or meritorious service.

Army National Guard, and Army Reserve are eligible for this award. A President’s Hundred Tab is awarded to each person who qualifies among the top successful contestants in the President’s Match held ar 672-5-1 at the National Rifle Matches. For each succeeding act or period of service that justifies the award of such decoration, and oak leaf cluster or numerical device for Air Medals will be awarded, except awards presented to foreigners and ar 672-5-1 awards presented to next of kin.


The same degree of heroism is required as for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Awards will not be made solely on the basis of ar 672-5-1 saved a life.


DA for higher awards. It is issued to denote award of second and succeeding awards of decorations other than the Air Ar 672-5-1, the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal, and unit awards.

The ribbon may be awarded retroactively to those personnel who completed the required training prior to 1 August provided they have an active Army status as defined above ar 672-5-1 or after 1 August Effective 1 Augustall 672-5- members of the US Army. Appurtenances are devices affixed to service or suspension ribbons or worn in lieu of medals or ribbons. Where is the order of precedence for wear within the various ar 672-5-1 of ar 672-5-1 and service ribbons stated?

To ar 672-5-1 that a deserving act, achievement, or ar 672-5-1 receives recognition, the appropriate authority may promptly award a suitable lesser military decoration pending final action on a recommendation for a higher award, except for retiring US Army general officers. It is the responsibility of any individual having personal knowledge of an act, achievement, or service believed to warrant the award of a decoration, to submit a formal recommendation into military command channels for consideration.


AR 672-5-1 Awards

They are worn to denote additional awards, participation in a specific event, or other distinguished characteristics of the award. The performance must ad involved personal hazard or danger and the ar 672-5-1 risk of life under condition not involving conflict with an armed ar 672-5-1.

How many decorations ar 672-5-1 be awarded to an individual for the same act, 672-51- or period of meritorious service? In peacetime, military decorations recognize achievements which have significantly contributed to the readiness or effectiveness of a unit organization, or have made notable contribution to the morale or esprit de ar 672-5-1 of units or organizations.