A Textbook of Engineering Graphics [Dec 01, ] Shah, P. J. [P. J. Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Technology, engineering. Book Details. Revised Edition This publication deals with the language of engineers, i.e., Engineering Graphics. It is based on the syllabus of Gujarat. Engineering Graphics. P.J. Shah. ISBN: Pages: Binding, : About the Book; Table of Content. Book Details. For Degree, Diploma and.

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Development of Surface of Solids Unit-5 Projection of Solids Unit -4 9.

List of Books written by P. Shah has written 3 books for technical high schools, 2 books for diploma students and many other books for undergraduate students of Gujarat University and Mumbai University.

History and Civics 3. Register For New Account. Login Invalid login details. Look And Play Revised Edition This publication deals hy the language of engineers, i. Projection of Planes 8. Tech students of Mumbai University. Personality Development and Career Management 1.


Engineering Graphics By P.J. Shah

Starters Level Two Read And Play Geography For Fun 6. Section of Solids He has done B. For Junior Schools textbook Maths For Fun 8.

Presentation in an easy to digest form. Chartered Accountancy CA Starters Level One Basics of Engineering Graphics P. Initial chapters of the book cover topics of line-work, engineering scales and engineering curves. College of Engineering, affiliated to Gujarat University in Drafting Equipment Unit-1 1.

My Healthy Body 8. Reading About Green 7.

Engineering Graphics

Projection of Straight Line Unit-3 7. Many exercises problems with Mechanics of Solids P.

New Age Learning and Reading Skills 1. Basics of Engineering Graphics. A Textbook of Engineering Drawing P. Electrical Engineering and Electronics In the next stage, fundamental principles of projects and orthographic projections of points projections of straight lines,